#EachForEqual Women of AppNeta: Sarah Lane, Senior Customer Success Manager
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In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re featuring amazing #AppNetians who have helped make us the award-winning solution and company we are today!

In today’s edition, we’re featuring long-time AppNetian Sarah Lane!

What’s your role at AppNeta and when did you start?

I started in February 2013 and I am currently a Senior Customer Success Manager.

Why was AppNeta an attractive employer to you in the first place?

After graduating college, I was looking for a more startup atmosphere to kick off my career. I wanted to be a part of a company where I felt like my contributions would make an impact and actually be recognized – basically, the opposite of a huge corporation where I’d likely just get lost in the numbers.

AppNeta fit the bill and was my first REAL job out of college.

I actually started as a Business Development Representative, so I was slated into the sales track when I first joined AppNeta. After giving that role a try, I realized I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a quota carrying rep and really only be a “hunter” for sales. I was much more interested in cultivating relationships with customers. So when the Customer Success team was formed, I was actually approached about jumping over – I didn’t have to look outside the company to find the job I wanted.

What about AppNeta’s culture do you think makes it a welcoming place for female employees in particular? Was our inclusivity part of what made you interested in AppNeta?

When I first started, it was a somewhat male-dominated environment for the most part, which seemed to be the case at every tech company I looked at. But at AppNeta, that wasn’t something that made me feel uncomfortable, just from getting to know the existing team and understanding where leadership was looking to grow. It actually excited me to be one of the first females that came in on the ground floor to help AppNeta grow.

It’s exciting to see people like Eva Maloney, our VP of Business Opps, who has worked her way up by proving her abilities and forging strong relationships across all the teams.

What have been some of the most exciting projects you’ve taken part of since starting here?

Throughout the years, I’ve had the opportunity to not only be an individual contributor on the customer success team, but I’ve had exposure working across departments, collaborating with Finance and BOPs and Marketing and Sales (the whole company, pretty much!) on various projects. It’s an exciting thing because as the years go by, you gain more responsibilities because you’ve had exposure to other functions across the organization, which then allows you to take on projects that may not be your role on paper but are the best fit for your skills, and really helps the larger organization succeed as a whole.

By jumping out of silos like this, we’ve been able to streamline processes that not only affect our team but the whole organization. That’s something that’s unique in the context of startups versus large companies – if I had gone to a huge organization I doubt I’d ever have the facetime with other departments and have the opportunity to add value and an opinion.

How has AppNeta (or your manager) helped facilitate your professional development?

We take part in weekly 1:1s with managers and also do a performance review on an annual basis where we identify some of the projects we’ve tackled over the year, speak about career development and growth. Because I’ve been with the company as long as I have, opportunities have popped up that might not have aligned with where I was at that moment but made a fit for where I wanted to go. In that aspect, it’s not like just because you’re in a certain lane/path today, doesn’t mean you can’t go outside of that down the line.

This all goes to show that just because you’re on one team or in a specific role today, if you talk about your needs and interests to your manager, they’ll develop that around you.

In general, what’s your favorite thing about working here?

The people. It’s a pretty stock answer, I know, but when you come into an open environment everyday like we do in our Boston office, you really get the chance to build relationships with all kinds of personalities which helps make you a better collaborator. You also quickly make friendships in this kind of setting that, if you’re lucky, take place outside of the office as well. This builds a great atmosphere of trust where you can really get the job done.

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