#EachForEqual Women of AppNeta: Ashley-Gail Wright, Junior Software Developer
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In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re featuring amazing #AppNetians who have helped make us the award-winning solution and company we are today!

In today’s edition, we’re featuring Ashley Wright, who joins our Vancouver team as part of the Co-Op program with University of British Columbia!

What’s your role at AppNeta and when did you start?

I started my current role as Junior Software Developer at the beginning of this year (January 6 2020, to be exact) as part of the Co-op exchange with UBC.

Why was AppNeta an attractive employer to you in the first place?

I would have to say the size of the company and the domain (network engineering) of the product piqued my interest. I was excited to experience the culture at a smaller company and learn as much as I could. (Un)surprisingly, I only heard good things about the company through friends who had friends completing co-op terms there. The “Best Place to Work” badge on the website was very persuasive also :D.

What about AppNeta’s culture do you think makes it a welcoming place for female employees in particular? Was our inclusivity part of what made you interested in AppNeta?

I think that by genuinely acknowledging the gender disparity in tech and providing a space for support, AppNeta is already proving to be serious about welcoming females on to the team. I think what is most impressive is the equal respect and treatment I experienced here alongside my fellow co-ops and engineering team members.

Is there a female AppNetian who you view as a role model? Who and why?

I admire my team member Sandra Gajowski. She’s brilliant, fun and very helpful. I admire the breadth of her knowledge but also the time she takes the time to provide quality guidance. I hope that when I become a full-time software engineer, I am able to pay it forward and help someone else to this extent.

How/has AppNeta (or your manager) helped facilitate your professional development?

My manager, Michael Granger, has been absolutely amazing in facilitating my professional development. Although I am a co-op student, I have never felt voiceless – I am able to ask questions and voice opinions without feeling overlooked. He also allows me to try new learning tactics and methods. For example, I wanted to try reading internal documents for two hours each day so that I was able to better understand the product we are working on. He was very open and encouraging when I had proposed this! I really appreciated that.

In general, what’s your favorite thing about working here?

The laughs. My team, and to a greater extent all of AppNeta, is a melting pot of great personalities. I enjoy learning and playing new games, losing the foosball league (go PyroBooty!) but most importantly laughing. I enjoy interacting and sometimes observing the interactions between AppNetians. I appreciate the level of comfort I experience here and how welcoming and inclusive the culture is.

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