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AppNeta at Drupalcon Portland 2013

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Is it a forest or a city? Both!

We’re excited to be heading to DrupalCon Portland 2013 as Bronze sponsors just one short month from now! Many of our existing users and partners will be headed to DrupalCon, but we also want to forge new relationships with Drupal developers, hosting providers, and consultants. We encourage you to drop by the AppNeta booth in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to check out our live demo site and be one of the first to experience our expanded support for Symfony and Drupal.

Even though I’ve been a Drupal developer for just over five years, this will be my first chance to head to a DrupalCon. The time difference is in my favor, but after the BOS->PDX flight I’ll probably pass on Monday’s all-day trainings in the interest of pacing myself. I’m awfully tempted to attend one, though – there are excellent opportunities to learn aboutperformancesecurity, and Symfony in Drupal.

I’ll be needing the extra rest for the remainder of the week. My calendar is packed with keynotes, sessionspub crawls, lunches, dinners, receptions, BoFs, parties, meet-n-greets, andcode sprints. All that and I still have to look good for a group photo! (“rock a mustache or plaid shirt, Portland style.” – looks like it’s time to go thrifting.)

I haven’t even started to look at the attractions of the co-located Symfony Live Portland 2013and WebVisions Portland conferences! There’s a discounted combo pass available for only $100 extra. I’ve recently been working on Symfony support in TraceView, and heading to Symfony Live could be a great way to learn more about the framework’s community and ecosystem.

With a schedule that intense, it’s easy to neglect important performance metrics. I’m not sure about sleep, but at least there’ll be strong incentives to eat three square meals a day while I’m at DrupalCon. Portland’s food scene is phenomenal and regarded as one of the most vegetarian-friendly in the United States. As a foodie with a penchant for all things fried, I’m pumped about finally getting a chance to visit Voodoo Doughnut, which has two locations in Portland and a food truck to boot. And I certainly couldn’t take a trip to ‘America’s Beer Capital’, origin of the microbrewery revolution, without visiting some of Rogue Brewery’s outposts – like the only rum distillery in Oregon!

If I can find the time, I also hope to experience some of the Pacific Northwest’s beauty by exploring Portland’s green side. The city has a great reputation for its urban planning, environmentalism, and public transit. While I probably won’t manage to see all of the 40-Mile Loop, I’ll at least get a chance to stop and smell the roses when the Portland Rose Festivalbegins on Friday.

What are your DrupalCon plans like? Tell us in the comments – or better yet, stop by our Exhibit Hall booth and let us know what you’re up to in person!

James Meickle: James started as a hobbyist web developer, even though his academic background is in social psychology and political science. His favorite language is Python, his favorite editor is Sublime, and his favorite game is Dwarf Fortress.