Drupal Performance Data Has Never Looked So Good: TraceView Joins the Acquia Network
by November 1, 2012

Filed under: Performance Monitoring

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TraceView and Drupal

Do you wonder how your site is performing for end users?  Why certain pages are slow or throw exceptions?  If server resources are limiting performance?

As of today, the most detailed and actionable Drupal performance data available is just one click away for Acquia Network subscribers—thanks to  AppNeta’s newly launched,  awesome partnership with the Acquia team!

And, even better, AppNeta’s TraceView APM service is free for Acquia Network subscribers to get started.

TraceView and Drupal 2

What Does TraceView Bring to the Acquia Network?

The Acquia Network provides not only expert support and hosting, but also the best-available tools to help you run and scale your application.  Running a speedy and error-free site just got easier with the addition of TraceView to the Acquia family.

The best way to see why we and our partners at Acquia are so excited is to try it out today with your applications today!  You can also learn a bit more from our full feature list here.  But if you want the quick-and-dirty, here you go!

  • Full-stack application tracing: from DOM rendering to slow views queries, you’ll have full-stack insight.  Requests queued in Apache?  Slow calls to 3rd-party services?  Covered.
  • Advanced data analysis: Say goodbye to dumb averages and context-less per-component statistics, say hello to latency heatmaps that let you literally drag-select your problem and drill down.
  • Rich performance data: From time spent in Drupal hooks to memory consumption during requests, TraceView is pulling in the data you need.  Want more?  Add it using our tracing API.
  • Server monitoring: Keep tabs on CPU, memory, disk utilization and more to ensure your application is properly provisioned.

TraceView and Drupal 3

Drupal Community Support

TraceView is not only available for PHP apps but also for Python, Ruby, and Java. And, we’ve even got special Drupal-specific insight that has been added by the community, and it’s totally awesome.  Support is provided by the Tracelytics project on drupal.org.  Here’s a few of the questions you’ll be able to answer using the module:

  • How is my site performing for authenticated vs anonymous users?
  • What menu items are performing poorly and why?
  • Which nodes are getting loaded to render specific pages?
  • How much time is being spent in each Drupal hook?

Want to find out more?  The maintainer of the module, Peter Drake, speaks about Drupal performance in this webcast.

Seeking Curious Developers!

With an easy-to-install, no-credit-card-necessary trial, it’s quick and painless to see what you’ve been missing in your performance data.  As a special for Acquia Network subscribers, we are offering two months of the TraceView Premium service for free – simply sign-in to your Acquia Network account and add TraceView to your site.