DevOps Holiday Gift Giving Guide
by December 14, 2012

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It’s that time of year again! People are scrambling at the last minute to get the perfect present for everyone on their holiday gift list. In an effort to help reduce the madness of the holiday season, I’ve compiled a list of seven gifts for the DevOps in your life.

DevOps Books

DevOps Gifts 1

  • The Dev in DevOps – Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software, 2nd Edition by Steve McConnell. Code Complete is the definitive programming guide for developers for almost 20 years. It covers all experience levels, development environments and project sizes. Steve McConnell has extensive expertise in the software development community, is the author of several other Devops books and is the CEO of Construx Software.
  • The Ops in DevOps – Web Operations: Keeping the Data On Time by John Allspaw and Jesse Robbins. This is the second time that we’ve mentioned this book in our blog. That is because it is pretty great. Including many essays and interviews from web veterans, this book is a must-read for anyone in application development and operations.
  • People are DevOps – Peopleware: Productive Project and Teams, 2nd Edition by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. In this book, DeMarco and Lister point out that people, not technology, are the major driving force behind any successful company. If you’re managing a software development team, this book will help you tear down the walls that are preventing you from becoming a great manager. And, if you’re working on a dev team, this is an excellent book to help your manager create a more productive work environment.

DevOps GiftsDevOps Gifts 2

  • Comfortable Coding – Kinesis Advantagetm keyboard is the ultimate keyboard for any coder. Many members of our team have been using this keyboard for years and highly recommend it for those long hack-a-thons they keep talking about. It’ll take about two weeks to get adjusted to using this keyboard, but the advantages are worth the wait. Best of all, the layout is intimidating to anyone new to the keyboard that it’ll keep other people from “driving” your computer!
  • Distraction Eliminating – Bowers & Wilkerson P5 Headphones These noise-isolating headphones have a great fit, are compatible with smart phones and provide “a natural accurate sound.” Trying to concentrate while your co-workers play ping-pong? Use the P5 Headphones to eliminate those unnecessary distractions.
  • Form, Fit and Function – The North Face eTip Glove doesn’t just keep your hands warm in the cold winter months, but it also allows you to respond to PagerDuty calls while you’re building a snowman… which, from what I can tell around the office, is everyone’s goal this holiday season. And, the best thing about these gloves is they’re form-fitting so the fingertips don’t “slide” off to the side making them unusable. With these gloves, you can say “goodbye” to those winter days when you have to expose your hands just to respond to a work call as you’re outside having fun.

DevOps DonationsDevOps Gifts 3

  • It’s Not All About Getting – Make a donation to the National Center for Women & Information Technology and spread both happiness and equality this holiday season. The NCWIT is committed to its cause of increasing women’s participation in technology and computing. By donating, you’ll help this great community reach its goals.
  • Share Information – A donation to Wikipedia is another option to help out this holiday season. We all know the power of Wikipedia and use it constantly. Making a donation to Wikipedia helps this non-profit meet its operating budget and continue to supply us with free reference material.

Helping to save some hassle, these gifts can be shipped directly to the recipient. And better yet, you can make a donation to help others out. So save your gift wrapping skills for next year!

Whatever gifts you give or receive this season, we hope you enjoy them all. Have a happy, healthy holiday and to a great 2013!