‘Democratizing’ Enterprise Software
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Software industry has changed; free PathView Cloud tool shows how

Not long ago, lots of software companies were focused on developing big solutions and selling them to the biggest customers they could. Board members and senior management wanted deal sizes that were high and trending higher. So field sales people went big game hunting.

With the focus on “big,” sales processes were long, involved and expensive affairs. They often involved expensive marketing programs at the front end. Next came multiple, in-person sales calls, six-to-nine month pilot programs and months-long implementation processes.

It all added up to a lot of time, money and energy being put forth before people actually experiencing a problem got the help they needed from the software that could solve their problem.

Over the past two to three years, this enterprise software sales model has been completely turned on its head. Companies are succeeding today by making more software – albeit in smaller packages – directly available to more people, more quickly and easily.  And these smaller tools are being offered at way more affordable price points – or often for free. It’s the democratization of the old enterprise model.

With our new PathView Cloud network management tool now available as a free hosted service, Apparent Networks has fully embraced the new software sales model.

For those who are not familiar with PathView, PathView is a new network management tool that measures the performance of complete network paths from source to destination, including segments that pass through service providers’ and carriers’ networks. PathView Cloud provides all the unique network visibility and management capabilities with the convenience and affordability of a hosted service.

We firmly believe that once customers experience what PathView Cloud delivers, they will eventually upgrade to our higher-level PathView product offerings.  But in the meantime, we’re perfectly happy to put the free PathView Cloud tool in customers’ hands so they can quickly get value form the product and solve some of their nagging network difficulties.

We think a little democracy in the software sales process is a very good thing.  It will let users resolve their problems more readily.  And it will ultimately help software development companies like Apparent Networks.

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