A New Era for Delivering Technology Value
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Apparent Networks Our legacy blog entries tell the AppNeta story from the early days…Read on!

Something is definitely changing.  The economy?  The world of technology sales? Or maybe just our piece of it?

Apparent Networks is entering a new phase, and we are now embracing a change that seems to be transforming the market.

Apparent Networks is an eight year old company, and we have a very unique and patented technology for network troubleshooting and performance management.  For years, we have sold directly to large enterprises and IT outsourcing accounts with success. During those years, the sales process would reflect the traditional “try, buy, benefit” cycle where IT teams would “try” the technology (a proof of concept), buy the technology (simple concept), and then “benefit” from the purchase. Apparent Networks has always enjoyed a positive relationship with our customers, and over time we identified a market for a “slimmer” product that would more immediately deliver a benefit in settings that are smaller.

Moreover, we see this approach leading to larger sales down the line, as our customers realize the benefit from the technologies Apparent Networks is providing. The game is now changing. Technology companies are now increasingly delivering (and selling) value directly to the technologists that will benefit from it.  The cycle has changed to “try, benefit, and THEN buy,” where full featured software can be easily downloaded off the Web, and used in production to experience the benefit before it is purchased.  At the end of the day, this is a win-win situation for customer and vendor. Here at Apparent we are working with early adopters to test this model today, and gain real market feedback. So far, the response has be overwhelming positive.

The future? Maybe.The power of path in the hands of network engineers today? Yes.  See for yourself at www.apparenttools.com

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