More Data for TraceView
by December 6, 2013

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TraceView now retains 100% of your data for a 45 days–a more than 6x increase–and it’s available as an upgrade to 90-day retention.  In addition, we’ve improved time navigation to make it easier than ever to find and solve problems.  We’ve been squirreling away traces for some time, so It’s available right now to Enterprise plan subscribers (and you can take it for a spin as a trial on our free plans)!

Full Stack Application Insight

New Navigation

We’ve unchained time control with new flexibility to focus on arbitrary times in the past 30 days.  As you zoom in and out, the contextual time selector expands or zooms in to help you find the data you’re looking for:

Full Stack Application Insight

If you know the time you want to look at, a date picker is available too–your call.

Zoom, Enhance

Notice an interesting trend in the query latency from a few days ago?  Now you can zoom in on the precise time, and drill down to 30-minute views.  Use the heatmap to isolate individual outliers:

Full Stack Application Insight

100% of Traces

All TraceView’s data is 100% backed by transaction traces, and that’s still true now.  Want to know what an endpoint used to do before your coworker changed the code last week?  Drill down on those outliers from the heatmap at any time?  Check and check.  However, there’s more to be gained from this data than just the fact it’s available when you go explicitly looking for it–in fact, it’s planting the seeds for future automated science.

Improved Performance, and More

There’s a lot going on under the hood in this release, meaning bigger scale we can apply to bigger problems, but one change you’ll notice right away is improved performance for drilling down on heavy views encompassing tens or hundreds of millions of traces, queries, etc.

Check It Out

More performance insight, and faster–check it out now, or sign up for your free account now!  It’s been a great 2013 for AppNeta and we’re looking forward to showing you what’s next.

What do you want to see next in TraceView? Let me know, and happy tracing!