Why It's Customer Care Appreciation Month at AppNeta
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AppNeta’s customer care team is a smart, enthusiastic bunch of colleagues. They’re so good at what they do that it can be easy to forget how lucky we are to have them here at AppNeta. After all, a satisfied customer never needs to talk to anyone up the chain.

There are a lot of ways our customers use our AppNeta Performance Manager. Each of those customers maintains its own network infrastructure with the features, tools and customizations that they need. That adds up to a huge volume of knowledge within our customer care team. One of our support engineers compares his work to flying in different private jets all day—but those jets are the networks of AppNeta’s customers, and each one is outfitted to fit that customer’s business needs accordingly.

Our customers are technically savvy, and our customer care team is too. Talking with them even briefly about why they like working with AppNeta customers brings up stories of success with APIs, automation processes, single sign-on and network testing.

But Enough About Us…

We hear from you all the time about our customer care team! Our customers use our technology in a lot of different ways, which our small but mighty support team has to know and understand. Their proactivity is impressive, too, and they’re always expanding how they share their knowledge.

We’re including some recent praise for the team here. Our customers speak even better for our customer care teams than we can.

“I just wanted to send a note that Stan Aksentsev was amazingly helpful assisting us setting up the software sequencers and dual tests.”

“Please pass along my thanks to your technical staff. Stan has gone above and beyond in the AppNeta product. He has tremendous technical skills with the ability to talk at different technical levels. In my case he knows how to talk at a very low level to make me understand.”

“Have to say, you guys gave me the best international shipping experience of any vendor I’ve worked with. Kudos to you and your team!”

"I appreciated the clear and direct solution to the requested issue submitted, and the prompt response was also appreciated."

We’re very grateful to our customer care team for their genuine dedication to making AppNeta’s monitoring tools work for every customer. Keep an eye out for team highlights all month!

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