New in TraceView: Customize your App Overviews!
by November 19, 2013

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As TraceView has moved into larger organizations, it’s brought more and more teams together working to solve full stack performance problems.  This has led to an explosion of apps being monitored, and, sometimes, overwhelming overview pages tracking tens of apps.

What if your team is only primarily responsible for a handful of environments, or maybe you want to focus on your particular dev setup?  Exclude staging/dev and just focus on production?


To solve this problem, we’ve introduced Views and Tagging.  Now, custom views of apps can be assembled through tagging.  For instance, you might make a view of just production nodes, the development environment, or backend services X, Y, and Z.

Views don’t stop tracing from covering your full environment, and they don’t prevent you from digging into adjacent apps to track down performance problems.  Instead, they help you focus on what’s important and relevant to your day-to-day usage.


Views are sets of apps that share a particular tag or tags. Tags are labels that identify what an app represents.  We’ve seeded all accounts with “Production”, “Staging”, and “Development” tags, but you can also add your own:


It’s easy to get started.  You can set up tags and views from your overview page, then switch back and forth easily using the new slide-out panel.  We’ll remember what you’ve been looking at so when you come back, you’ll see the same things.

As always, we’d love to hear if you like it or if there’s anything you’d change!