Configuring fault-tolerant path alerts
by April 1, 2015

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For many years, AppNeta has provided best-of-breed performance management for apps you build and apps you buy.  Central to this service is the ability to create timely alerts when latency and network connectivity exceed your established thresholds.

At present, alerts are dispatched by email which – in certain configurations – can create a circular dependency: in the event of a failure in network connectivity, an administrator may not have access to corporate email or even DNS services, and would therefore not be notified of the outage.

Some providers offer an SMS-based notification, however that too is dependant upon network routing to the provider, as well as having a dependency on communications providers and offers no protection against an electrical grid failure.

To alleviate this risk, AppNeta is pleased to offer a blue-sky approach to fault-tolerant alerting system using an out-of-band avian alerting system, which is survivable even in the event of a total site failure.  The fully standards-compliant system operates as a fallback to your existing systems.

Under normal conditions, an alert will be generated and dispatched over email.  If a non-delivery notification is received, then rather than retrying delivery, the alert is passed to AppNeta’s Centralized Operations & Outreach Portal (COOP), where it will be reformatted for delivery.  Unfortunately, at this point message length is limited on the Lite Escalation Grappler (LEG) subsystem, however once the essential details are formatted for the LEG then the Burst-mode Internet Reporting Device (BIRD) will fly the COOP and handle delivery.

In the event of multiple system failures, the COOP will compile multiple alerts into a Failed Ethernet Alerting Threshold Hosted Error Report and send them as a batch, in order that BIRDs of a FEATHER should flock together.

AppNeta is inviting interested partners to beta-test the system up until April 1st, after which the system will be made available to customers as an add-on product for literally chicken feed.