Introducing CloudView
by Team AppNeta on

AppNeta expands Full Stack Performance Management offerings with the release of its cutting edge CloudView system, a robust Cloud insight platform launching today.

After spending a long weekend stuck in an airport due to a minor luggage misunderstanding in Columbia, AppNeta rockstar engineer Pat Neap returned home recently under totally legitimate and customs compliant circumstances to unveil a ground breaking new technology. Developed during a furious mai tai fueled hacking session at a seedy airport bar, the sophisticated advancement in infrastructure monitoring technology allows operations teams to visualize The Cloud right through solid walls!

“I am absolutely floored”, said Matt Stevens, AppNeta president and CTO during a demo Pat gave after being released with a stern warning by federal agents. “In minutes I was able to clearly see The Cloud from our offices, and there was one that totally looked like an elephant!”

Available for immediate deployment in your data center AppNeta CloudView modules are ready to be installed on a per-pane licensing basis to deliver unparalleled visibility of The Cloud. Our thirty second setup process can be performed with minimal impact and requires only root access and a cement saw.

Why not sign up for a free trial today? No credit card required and our PortHole plan will always be free!

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