Cloud migration accelerating faster than ever, report shows
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If you’ve felt your organization’s cloud migration accelerating at a faster pace than ever the past few months, you’re not alone.

The latest Cloud 2025 report from LogicMonitor shows that in just the past two months, attitudes toward cloud adoption have become almost unanimously positive as enterprise IT teams continue to exceed expectations in transforming their networks for quarantine.

The study, which was conducted during May through June 2020, found that 87 percent of global IT decision makers agree that the COVID-19 pandemic will cause organizations to accelerate their permanent migration to the cloud. To that end, 74 percent of those polled believe almost all of their workflows – 95 percent – will be cloud-based by 2025.

While cloud solutions have been gaining a larger share of the enterprise app landscape for much of the last decade, these latest findings show a major attitude shift toward the efficacy of cloud solutions, which is attributed directly to the push to adopt cloud posed by COVID-19 – and the effectiveness of IT teams to pull off rushed cloud migrations successfully. As recent as 2017, 13 percent of similar respondents polled by Logic Monitor didn’t think their enterprises would ever migrate to the cloud, while 62 percent of that survey believed it would take more than five years before the vast majority of their workloads would run in the cloud.

“Fast forward to today, and the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the importance of the cloud in large and small enterprises as a vital asset to business operations,” said Tej Redkar, Chief Product Officer at LogicMonitor. “It is clear that organizations are hastening their cloud migration during the crisis, as the cloud is enabling them to operate remotely now while also serving as the foundation for digital transformation and ongoing innovation.”

This last point is perhaps the most impactful, as respondents were emphatic that many of the changes taking place today on their networks aren’t just stop-gap measures, but long-term rearchitecting – both out of necessity and to reap newly-realized positive business outcomes.

“If things go smoothly initially with remote work [as a result of COVID-19], then I expect increased efficiency and much more cloud usage,” noted one IT decision maker who took part in the report.

This is a theme we hear loud and clear with our customers, too, as even businesses that may have been skeptical about the prospects of remote work in the past are actually seeing areas where it’s improving business.

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