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AppNeta Performance Manager now supports DNS monitoring for Experience web paths!  Recent blog posts have covered some DNS background and the importance of monitoring DNS performance in a global enterprise environment, particularly the importance of monitoring from the perspective of your end users -- internal and external.  This post introduces AppNeta’s new DNS Monitoring capabilities and gets you started.

To get started, you need to … do nothing.  It is all set up for you automatically. Specifically, with the latest AppNeta Performance Manager and Enterprise Monitoring Point releases (APM 12.0.2 and EMP 11.3), DNS monitoring is now enabled for all Selenium-based web paths originating from your monitoring points.  There is nothing to configure, and no additional licensing to arrange, which means you can start monitoring today.

For those web paths, you will see a new DNS section on the Experience Test Timeline page, below the Apdex score section, which presents DNS performance from an end-user perspective.

DNS queries are regularly sent to each DNS server or resolver that is configured for the source Monitoring Point interface.  Query responses are analyzed to determine resolution time for the target domain and the availability of the DNS service. DNS monitoring data is maintained for a full year, so trends over time and outliers can easily be identified.

At any point on the time series chart, resolution time measures the fastest successful DNS response, and the DNS service is assessed to be available if a successful DNS response is received from any DNS server.

The data bar at the top displays the details for a specific point on the time series chart, including the fastest responding DNS server, resolution time, resolved IP address, and availability.  For longer periods of time, each chart point may represent many attempted DNS queries. In this case, you can look at both average and maximum resolution times, and you will see if more than one DNS server has given the fastest response, or if the domain has resolved to more than one IP address during this period.

See our docs portal for more details on the new DNS monitoring charts.

The applications of AppNeta’s DNS monitoring capabilities are quite broad.  You can see when spikes in resolution time or gaps in availability might impact end-user experience.  You can see whether domains are resolving to expected IP addresses, and whether those differ as expected at different global locations.  You can see which DNS servers typically respond fastest at different locations.

Experiment with this new feature to gain greater insight into your DNS system.  Please let us know what you think. We will be continuing to enhance it in upcoming releases.

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