CEO Notes: Life as a Boston Sports Fan is a Roller Coaster…
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Boston Sports LogosThe Red Sox…Patriots…Bruins…Celtics.  Heroes or Goats.  Dynasties or cellar dwellers.  Our sports teams are like our weather;   don’t like how things are going?  Just wait, it will change…

It is a good thing that I can emotionally climb back into work for relief!

This week I escaped the roller coaster of life as a Boston Sports fan highlighted by working with some great customers – a major North America accounting firm and a Texas hospital chain.

While we do most of our customer engagements over the phone, I was lucky enough to visit with this accounting firm a few weeks ago at their office.  While every customer account is different, there are real trends in the challenges they face and this one fits the mold.  This firm has more than 100 regional accounting offices, and they (like everyone) are in the midst of supporting a wide variety of services including VoIP, video conferencing, remote IP storage for BU/DR, and of course web-based services.  They are deploying PathView Cloud to provide application performance insight from the perspective of the remote sites over the MPLS service. It was great to learn more about their business and hear from them that for their business-dependent services, “performance insight is a key component to service assurance”…I agree!

Another interesting account we worked with this week is a large hospital with many sites throughout Texas.  You know what they say, everything is big in Texas, and this hospital group is no exception. Large hospital chains have to manage an incredible amount of complexity including their IT and network management. As many hospitals grow through mergers, the alignment of IT systems, sometimes including disparate EMR/EHR (Electronic Medical / Health Records) systems, just add to the challenge. What these systems all have in common is that they are always remotely hosted (moving to cloud-based), and doctors don’t tolerate slow IT systems!  The good news is that PathView Cloud can work with ANYEMR/HER vendor (or any app for that matter), and provides insight that was once thought impossible, and is truly unique for the healthcare industry.

Is it hockey season yet?!?

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