Case Study: OurStage Takes Control of Web App Performance with TraceView
by November 20, 2012

Filed under: Performance Monitoring

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OurStage is a leading destination for music listening, discovery and editorial content. With more than 125,000 artists covering 40 genres of music, receives more than 4 million visits each month from 170 countries. For OurStage, it is very import that its social web application will quickly deliver music and content to every incoming web request. OurStage also has a highly variable traffic pattern, and needs to ensure that even during periods of heavy load, the website can handle the increased traffic and provide exceptional end user experience.

Our Stage Application Performance

The Challenge

OurStage required a performance monitoring solution that could provide real-time data of its dynamic website; would not degrade web request response times; and would provide actionable insight to improve the website’s overall performance and visitor experience.

Our Stage Application Performance

The Result

OurStage chose TraceView to monitor the performance of its web application. TraceView provides the OurStage operations team with a great resource for solving performance problems. Beyond simply reacting to problems, TraceView proactively identifies performance trends in the OurStage website, thus providing the team with the actionable, real-time performance data it was seeking.

“TraceView was incredibly easy to integrate into our workflow for site analysis and problem diagnostics and overall monitoring of site behavior,” said Mark Niedzielski, VP of Operations at OurStage.