Customer Use Case: Network Visibility is Key to Successful Remote Site Management
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Liquor LogoWe want to share a great use case recently submitted to the AppNeta’s Customer Testimonial Case Study Contest from the Liquor Distribution Branch of British Columbia (LDB). Check out their story below to learn how they resolved serious latency issues for remote site applications.

Organization: In British Columbia, the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is one of two branches of government responsible for the beverage alcohol industry. The Liquor Distribution Branch sells liquor to private establishments and public stores in British Columbia and other provinces.

Number of Remote Sites Managed:  200

Services needed: LBD wanted to continuously monitor the network performance of all 200 remote stores and the WAN and LAN environments of their head office

Network performance problems: They had no means of measuring their bandwidth capacity, latency disruptions and they did not having alerts in place to notify them when the WAN link was congested or service went down.

Primary network challenges: Users were blaming the stores’ networks for slow speed and LDB could not identify if it was the source of the delay was poor network performance or the application servers. This was also the case at the head office where applications were slow and the network was being blamed.

Benefits of deploying PathView Cloud:  LDB deployed PathView Cloud to get visibility into their remote retail locations and can now monitor their network paths to see real time WAN performance to all 200 locations. PathView Cloud provided them with detailed understanding of utilized and available bandwidth capacity of the WAN links as well as other critical factors affecting their application performance. When there is a problem with the WAN, PathView Cloud proactively alerts the LBD network team and provides detailed information about the cause and source location of the problem.

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