Got BYOD? Get in Control with AppNeta
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BYOD GraphicAre your employees deploying personal devices on your company’s network?

If the answer is no, you should think again. 84% of smartphone users are also using their devices at work. While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) could mean increased productivity for your employees, it also is a potential threat to your overall network performance and the delivery of the applications running on it. According to ESG, 88% of enterprise organizations today allow for BYOD and personal use of devices while at work. What does this mean for your network? It means that bandwidth intensive applications like streaming media, social media, and even email are consuming large amounts of your network bandwidth, and likely impacting the performance of business critical applications like VoIP, video conferencing, virtualization and CRM systems! If your network is unprepared to handle this additional network bandwidth consumption, these devices could negatively impact productivity and revenue. Odds are users aren’t worrying about the network when accessing their devices.

How can IT departments pinpoint network performance issues when they can’t see who is doing what on the network ?

In this recent article by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), analyst Bob Laliberte explores the impact BYOD can have on your business critical apps, how you can gain visibility as to what is really happening on your network, and steps for effectively managing BYOD on your network.

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