Buckle up! AppNeta launches end-to-end monitoring at up to 100 Gbps speeds
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For the largest enterprise networks, IT has historically had limited options when it came to monitoring their highest-capacity links (think network connections that scale up to 25, 40, 50 or even 100 Gbps speeds). While just a decade ago, teams may have hardly imagined a world where connectivity between data centers, large campuses, or across the entire WAN backbone would scale up to 100 Gbps or higher, it’s now a fact of life for the world’s largest businesses.

AppNeta’s family of monitoring points already allowed customers to deploy comprehensive, active monitoring connections up to 10 Gbps. But now, we’ve blown the roof off of what our platform could do by bringing these same capabilities with continuous capacity monitoring for 10X-larger links with the introduction of the r1000.

Prior to this massive leap forward, enterprises were completely blocked from understanding the true end-to-end performance of their most critical WAN connections. Although passive traffic analysis at this scale had been feasible in the past, there’s never been a way to conduct continuous testing over these links without interrupting business or hindering connectivity – until now.

The r1000 employs the same patented, lightweight packet dispersion techniques that our smaller-scale monitoring points are famous for employing. This allows AppNeta to monitor metrics like end-to-end capacity, latency, and loss without the need for network flooding, which effectively freezes business-critical links in the process.

It can’t be stressed enough how critical this kind of visibility can be for the largest enterprise networks.

For starters, paying for large circuits to act as WAN backbones between office campuses or data centers is costly, and without a method for enterprise IT to ensure end-to-end throughput continuously, teams can’t validate performance SLAs with their network providers on the most critical piece of their architecture.

It’s also important that teams have comprehensive and complete visibility into network and application performance across the entire network. For users accessing internal apps across network backbones or SaaS apps via direct-to-internet links, our platform can provide actionable performance metrics with a high degree of accuracy and almost no network impact. Our team has scaled the platform’s active delivery path monitoring to meet the demand of even the highest trafficked networks.

Now, AppNeta can deliver actionable insights into the health of the 100G link to combat excessive latency, loss, and congestion that can have a disastrous impact on throughput at higher speeds. All of this is to ensure that we continue meeting (and exceeding) the needs of our largest enterprise customers as they reckon with larger magnitudes of traffic than ever before.

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