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Scott Kirsner recently wrote a great Boston Sunday Globe story and related blog post on the innovation coming out of the Boston area relating to cloud computing. There’s no question that cloud computing is having a dramatic impact on the way we think about networks and how all of us will use them going forward.


All of us at Apparent Networks are excited to be one of the local companies that’s driving this wave of innovation. We’re also proud that our efforts were recognized recently by the Massachusetts Network Communications Council (MassNetComms) who selected us as a Finalist for their prestigious Cloud Computing Company of the Year Award. Our innovation in this and other areas of network performance management has also been recognized by investors, who recently provided us with a  $12 million round of funding.

But most important to us is the fact that we’re helping enterprises to get their arms around this new, cloud-based delivery of their critical applications. We firmly believe that cloud-based delivery of applications and services will drive tremendous operational efficiencies for all kinds of organizations – as long as they manage it properly.

As Kirsner mentions, cloud computing represents a great opportunity for businesses to reduce costs and receive additional flexibility for the services they rely on as part of their operations. He also points out that large companies will take longer to figure out how these services relate to their existing operations and whether they’re secure and reliable enough.

At Apparent, we’ve observed many of the reliability concerns that these companies have with cloud computing, as well as the finger-pointing that can occur when organizations can’t effectively identify where a problem occurs during application delivery. We’re seeing significant traction among both service providers and service consumers for a service that helps them address this issue and overcome the reliability concerns that serve as a barrier to fully realizing the benefits of cloud computing.

As we’ve said previously, with end-to-end path visibility, companies will be far better positioned to both provide and consume these cloud-based services. The growing momentum for them in both the Boston region and globally is definitely positive for Apparent Networks, and other businesses that will benefit from these cloud-based services.

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