6 Best Practices for Successful Unified Communications
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Unified communications, such as VoIP and video conferencing, can be a huge asset to an organization, as it can enhance employee and business productivity. Most modern unified communications systems are at least partially software-based, with more and more businesses depending entirely on SaaS and cloud applications to run video and voice systems. Often times, deploying unified communications is easier said than done. Unified communications monitoring can be a challenge too.

In order to ensure successful delivery of unified communications and to eliminate surprises, try a proactive approach.

Best Practices for Unified Communications Deployment

  1. Fully understand and define the requirements for the project: Determine which suite of voice and video services is going to be used and by whom.
  2. Understand the current and future network requirements: Based on your requirements, establish a baseline of current capabilities. This is especially important if you're moving applications off-premises.
  3. Test real-world scenarios, not lab environments: Lab environments are not always indicative of how a unified communications solution will work in the real world.
  4. Ensure seamless integration with the operations team: Try to determine as early as possible if your unified communications deployment will require additional staff, additional tools or any specialized training.
  5. Provide the required level of visibility to guarantee uptime: In order to maximize uptime, the operations team needs the appropriate monitoring and management tools – solutions that have end-to-end visibility into both the networks you own and those that you don’t.
  6. Be able to quickly share information with the rest of the organization: Since today’s environments require much tighter interdependencies between technology domains, sharing information as well as service levels to the business across all technology groups is recommended. Unified communications monitoring can provide reporting and alerts as needed.

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