Roll Out the Easy Button
by Team AppNeta on

PathView LogoWe’re announcing today the general availability of PathView, and in the process we are rolling out the “easy button” for IT pros, network managers and others who want to deploy a simple solution for managing their network performance.

PathView is easy to buy. All you need is a credit card and an Internet browser. You can download and configure a free-trial version of the product, and the PathView sales team is always ready to assist you. Our research has shown that most of our customers want a network performance solution that allows them to troubleshoot, monitor, assess or report (or a combination of those functions).

PathView is easy to deploy. PathView is ideal to dovetail department-level use of an application that will not perform if the network is not performing. IT departments or network managers do not have the time for an enterprise-level deployment of a network performance management solution, in these cases. PathView will serve their purposes just fine.

PathView provides a benefit that is easy to see. The solution is based on Apparent Networks technology, which can follow the path of an application all the way to the user, and even if that path is outside of the company’s firewall (in the case of hosted applications). The same fundamental technology relied on by AppCritical, our enterprise-level solution, is now available on a smaller scale.

PathView product managers want your feedback, and it’s easy to provide it. You can email us, you can call us, and you can fill out our surveys. You can follow us on Twitter (address only available to customers). You can subscribe to this blog feed and receive periodic updates on PathView product roadmaps.

PathView customers, we want to hear from you. And if you are not a PathView customer, you should try it out. It’s easy!

- JimM

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