We’re Out To Trace Everything: Behind The Tracelytics Series A Funding
by March 26, 2012

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AppNeta no longer blogs on DevOps topics like this one.

Feel free to enjoy it, and check out what we can do for monitoring end user experience of the apps you use to drive your business at www.appneta.com.


When AppNeta acquired Tracelytics and their awesome team – we decided to keep their great blog content to document AppNeta’s journey!

Running a modern web application–a complex distributed system–is hard. That’s why we’re excited to announce a $5.2 million round of funding that will allow us to deliver our unique smart tracing to more web applications, empowering customers with actionable insights that help solve problems faster.

Here’s a few ways that Tracelytics is ahead of the pack, a bit about why we raised this money, and where it’s going to take us. Hang on!

Smart Tracing

Beyond Monolithic

The modern web application spans layers, hosts, and applications–why settle for partial and piecemeal visibility into your stack? Tracelytics is the only application performance management solution that provides full-stack visibility, following requests across boundaries between layers, hosts, and applications. Our smart tracing goes the extra mile so that you can solve tough problems that would be overlooked by legacy solutions. We are now able to use our smart tracing in PHP, Python, and Ruby, and we’re working on more for the future.

Beyond Averages

Traditional APM figures out which questions you might ask and presents the minimum data necessary to answer those, often in the form of averages you wish you could break down just a bit farther. Our innovative heatmaps and data-sifting features help answer questions that you–and we–haven’t even thought of yet. We’ve now analyzed over 500 million individual traces sent to us by our customers and users since launching the software, and helped them understand what that data really means.

Trace Funding 1

Beyond Per-Host Pricing

Are you stuck paying per-host to get visibility into your apps, even in the autoscaling world of the cloud?  Tracelytics is priced based on the configurable volume of requests you decide to trace—not a legacy per-host model. Install everywhere, get visibility into your entire infrastructure, and pay only for what you use. With Tracelytics, you won’t have to cut corners to keep your costs down.

New Free 30-Day Premium Plan Trial

We’re also launching our new 30-day free trial, letting you experience the best of Tracelytics with full access to the Premium plan. Try it out today–no credit card is required and you’ll be up and tracing in minutes. If you’re ready to start really understanding what makes your web application tick and how to improve it, you can sign up now, or watch a 2-minute install walkthrough. It’s really that fast.

What’s Next

We’ve raised this money for two reasons: to keep improving the most comprehensive and powerful full-stack APM solution, and to scale our sales and marketing functions as a business.  In support of this growth, the company, currently located in Providence, RI, is opening a headquarters in Boston.

We’re also hiring, and already we are welcoming two awesome new team members: say hello to Sarah Ducas and Brian Whalley!  Could you be the next tracer?  Check out our jobs page.

And last but certainly not least: we’ll also be sharing a number of new innovations and features in the coming months—stay tuned!

Our Investors and Allies

Bain Capital Ventures joins our existing investors Google Ventures, Battery Ventures, and Flybridge Capital Partners in backing Tracelytics. Bain brings to the table deep knowledge of the application performance management space as well as a hands-on approach that has impressed us from the beginning. We’re also supported by a heavenly choir of angel investors and, of course, our customers and fans.

Together, we are making the web a faster and more reliable place.