Bad Bandwidth: Network Performance Prediction #3
by Team AppNeta on

We’re counting down to 2012 with Network Performance Predictions! Inspired by an article by Matt Stevens, AppNeta CTO, we have pulled together three insights that will impact network performance management next year.

So, prediction #3 is… Bad Bandwidth. Cheap bandwidth is great and getting cheaper all the time. However, an increase in the bandwidth does not necessarily correspond with an increase in bandwidth quality. Capacity and quality (or “clean capacity) is required to support today’s applications. Proactive and continuous monitoring of bandwidth is required to ensure applications are delivered. Since applications use bandwidth differently, the amount and quality of bandwidth for each must be ensured.

Bad Network Bandwidth

For example, cloud-based backup may require fat-pipes and can tolerate a bit of loss. Video-conferencing with advanced codecs requires clean bandwidth for a high definition experience. If these are running at the same locations, you of course need to compensate for both.

Next year promises to be a ground breaking era for network performance.

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