Baby, It’s Cloudy Outside
by Christine Cignoli on

It’s the holiday season, and one IT wish list item may be cloud control and confidence. There’s a whole new crop of companies offering cloud management and governance services to ease the adoption and maintenance of cloud. There are a lot of challenges to getting the best value out of cloud, like security, multi-cloud management and end-to-end visibility.

This time of year is ideal for eating a lot and finding out where your gifts are hidden around the house. Soon enough, though, it’ll be resolution time when the new year arrives and you take stock of your big-picture goals for 2017. We hear a lot about “digital transformation” and modernizing IT, which can seem like awfully lofty goals. What’s the actual day-to-day plan? What are the actions IT teams, managers and CIOs can take to make sure they’re improving upon their current technologies and processes?

A recent research study from Digital Enterprise Journal may offer a good place to start. They found that it’s super important to know what’s going on in every area of an IT infrastructure (like IT did back in the physical data center days). That’s music to our ears, of course, since our mission here at AppNeta is visibility that creates performance improvements and happy users. The DEJ study found that top-performing organizations are 86% more likely to have full visibility of their IT infrastructure and are in turn more likely to improve MTTR. The study also found that the top goal for IT performance monitoring is making data more actionable, ranked first by 59% of respondents. A majority of businesses have increased data collection, but are now figuring out what context to bring to that data. We know that continuous monitoring delivers the right metrics that get to the root of end-user experience.

There’s some good advice here about aligning business goals with technology, with interesting data from Accenture on business needs as well as what IT needs to do, particularly in terms of boning up on the skills needed to choose and manage constantly growing and changing clouds.

And finally, we can end 2016 sending another public cloud to the IT investment graveyard, as Cisco bids farewell to Intercloud, its several-year-old attempt at competing with AWS. Intercloud, we hardly knew you.

Enjoy your holidays, and we'll see you in 2017.

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