AWS re:Invent 2013: Werner Vogels Gets It
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I consider myself fortunate to have now attended the first two AWS re:Invent Conferences. 2012 was notable for its impact as the first event, and 2013 did not disappoint with big crowds and lots of energy --  the show had it all! I attended many great sessions with some true thought leaders in the SaaS services market.  Andy Jassy lead the first day with continued facts, figures, and stories about the impact that Amazon is having on the market.  It was very impressive.

The big impact moments for me came during the second day, during Werner Vogels' keynote.

AWS Full Stack

The keynote had all of the usual attributes of success.  He covered some of the challenges that the company had overcome, the rate of growth over the past year (very impressive), and a few select customer highlights, both large and small.

Vogels laid out his priorities which fell into the expected areas including 1) performance 2) security 3) scale 4) reliability, etc.  As a next-gen Application Performance Monitoring provider, I was particularly tuned in for the performance section…and I still can barely believe what I heard.

Vogels started by talking about the application environments that are key to AWS, which of course include service-oriented environments for web and mobile application delivery. He then dove into the challenges of performance monitoring, and spent a few minute in particular warning the audience about the downfall of relying on averages.

“It is really important to measure everything. You cannot start talking about performance if you are not measuring things. And you have to measure everything, not just the average. You have to measure things at the end of the distribution” (0:26:28 of this clip).

Makes sense right?  Of course.  This was the exact same message our director of product management Dan Kuebrich focused on in his recent keynote “Beyond Averages” at the Velocity Conference in New York City. Vogels also mentioned,

“The only thing that averages tell you is that 50% of your customers are having a worse experience.”

This really cuts to the point of what we are talking about at AppNeta. Of the many things that set us apart in the world of Full Stack APM, our ability to provide performance metrics way beyond averages and provide deep performance insight is the first thing that sets us apart.  But it gets better.

AWS Full Stack

Vogels took this all to the next level when he talked about the importance of  -- “Measuring and Optimizing the Full Stack.”  Love it!  That’s the point, and it’s what AppNeta is all about.

It was reassuring to hear our core message reiterated by Vogels. While our customers and we believe our approach is the future of application performance monitoring, it’s great to hear this message is resonating beyond our AppNeta offices!

While web apps are complex by nature, we don’t believe that monitoring them should be. As a company, we strive to make our customers’ jobs easier by providing a complete view of their application stack – from the code, through the network, to the end user. You can’t find a successful solution to a problem in your web app if you have only a couple of the puzzle pieces; you need all of the pieces. And you need to be able to drill down and across your application stack with ease.

Well said, Vogels! If you want to try our full stack approach in your own environment, check it out for free here.

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