AWS CEO: C-Suite to play a more active role in network transformations
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At this rate, the term ‘transformation’ may feel a little tired in the context of enterprise IT and networking, as industry forecasts have been anticipating transformative changes to networking operations for the better part of the last decade. But there are a number of truly transformational initiatives gaining steam across the enterprise space that will be a top priority for teams throughout 2020, according to many experts, including AWS CEO Andy Jassy.

So why will 2020 be the year meaningful transformation finally lifts off across the enterprise? Along with teams taking a more segmented, focused approach to the transformation projects they tackle this year, members of the C-Suite will be playing a far more involved role in helping steer these initiatives to completion, according to Jassy.

In an interview with SiliconAngle, the AWS CEO explained that many of these decisions are “being driven from the top-down” today as opposed to the past, when many projects characterized as ‘digital transformation’ were more piecemeal, reactionary undertakings steered by IT on the ground.

“In the first 10 years of AWS, a lot of the movement, a lot of the experimentation, a lot of the migrations were driven by frustrated developers, frustrated engineering managers, architects, line of business managers. Those still happen today, with the CIO getting involved a little bit later, but before, the CEO wasn’t that involved in the decision,” Jassy told SiliconAngle. “Today this is being driven much more top-down than it was before, and they’re big strategic decisions.”

This is all supported by the fact that the market for enterprise cloud, which sits at the center of many transformation initiatives, is expected to top $214 billion in 2019, according to Gartner, as these projects become bigger priorities for enterprise teams. And considering that only about 20 percent of enterprise workloads today have already moved to the cloud, there’s huge growth potential still on the table that experts predict will accelerate in the short term.

Along with cloud migration, transformations surrounding SaaS and even “direct-to-internet” are increasingly gaining lift this year.

Many enterprises are going Internet-first, for instance, (if not Internet-only) by retiring limited MPLS connectivity and leveraging standard Internet pathways between their users and branch locations, with the goal of unloading complex hardware and streamlining their WAN. In tandem with this is the growing adoption of SD-WAN solutions, which aim to help enterprise IT teams retain a level of control over their infrastructure when they lose explicit “ownership” of the network pathways their traffic leverages. All of this is in pursuit of building networks that are scalable, agile and more suited for a deluge of new users, locations and apps.


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