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Boston Backbone.js Meetup meets TBone
October 9, 2013 by

Industry Insights

Last night, I had the pleasure of discussing TBone with the Boston Backbone.js Meetup hosted by Bocoup. Turnout was great, with about sixty folks and plenty of pizza and beer (sponsored by AppNeta – thanks AppNeta! …). TBone is a JavaScript reactive programming and live templating library originally built on top of Backbone, a popular
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Bedtime Stories with TBone.js
August 28, 2013 by

Performance Monitoring

TL;DR: Meet TBone, a reactive / data-flow-oriented programming library with a live templating system built on top of it, built by the team at AppNeta.  One part of TBone’s magic is that it searches the graph of model & view dependencies to prevent firing ajax requests when that data is not currently needed on the
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