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JRuby: Performance Plus the Whole Java World on a Silver Platter
August 21, 2014 by

Application Performance Management, Performance Management Tech

We’re happy to announce that we just recently released our first java platform gem with JRuby instrumentation for AppNeta Traceview. It’s been exciting and at times a bit challenging but we’re very happy to now offer full JRuby support for application performance monitoring. We found JRuby to be very interesting. You have this hard-core team
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How to Open-Source a Ruby Monitoring Tool
December 3, 2013 by

Application Performance Management, Performance Management Tech

We’re happy to say that we recently released the code for the TraceView Ruby instrumentation on Github as Open Source. There are a ton of benefits for AppNeta (and the community) in doing this so making the decision was easy… but the process of actually opening the repository and still keeping a few things private
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Russian Doll Caching
August 7, 2013 by

Application Performance Management, Performance Management Tech

Rails 4 is out featuring Russian Doll caching (AKA Cache Digests). In this article, I apply Russian Doll caching to one of my poorer performing Rails 3 pages using the cache_digests gem. ActionView templates are great. They are easy to code, manage and extend but the one thing they are not is fast…at least not
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Ruby 2.0 Released: Let The Tracing Begin!
February 25, 2013 by

Industry Insights

TraceView Supports Ruby 2.0 Like much of the Ruby community, we’re excited to see that Ruby 2.0 was released today and to announce that TraceView supports Ruby 2.0 from day one (today). Ruby 2.0 promises to have many improvements over previous versions including GC optimizations and a faster Kernel#require, which “makes Rails startup very fast”
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AppNeta Rubygems Verified
January 31, 2013 by

Company News

Yesterday, Rubygems found a gem with an exploit to execute arbitrary code, copy config files with passwords and auto-post them onto The community suspects that some gems on may have been re-written with the exploit code so everyone has been verifying gems. AppNeta Verifies Rubygems We’ve verified all of the AppNeta oboe gems (404 until Rubygems is back
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