Paul Davenport
Paul Davenport
Marketing Communications Manager

Paul Davenport is AppNeta’s Marketing Communications Manager. Paul has an extensive background in tech journalism, content marketing and public relations in the B2B space, with a focus on cloud, cybersecurity and networking technologies. He studied Print & Multimedia Journalism at Emerson College.

Posts by Paul Davenport:

When is it time to update your tech stack?

Gartner: Why IT spending will grow 5.1 percent in 2022

Report: Digital transformation failures spark big opportunities for IT

Four-day work week on trial in the UK

Keys to operational efficiency in the SASE enterprise

20 million professional jobs will be fully remote by EOY

Google, Microsoft ramp up enterprise cloud investments for 2022

“Super Saturday” sales shed light on pandemic-era shopping trends

The highs, lows and “hard nos” of remote work

Managing voice, video and collaboration alongside "back-to-office" IT priorities

Report: 69 percent of office workers say the 9-5 is dead

What drove a Q3 boom in enterprise cloud revenue?

Can access to high-quality broadband increase your home value?

Infrastructure Bill Breakdown: $65 billion for broadband access

Report: Employers without hybrid work miss out on top talent

Microsoft, Amazon and Google all see Cloud revenue soar in Q3

Amazon beefs up supply chain ahead of 2021 holidays

With Amex Flex, financial sector warms to hybrid work

Amazon: Let teams decide on WFH

AppNeta wins 2021 Cloud Computing Excellence Award

AppNeta named Best End-User Experience Insight in EMA Radar

Why the "last 6 feet" are the hardest to troubleshoot

“Sharpen your stack” and the Hybrid Work IT Checklist

With workers still at home, Google buys $2.1 billion new office

"Not mesh, it's meh": Security, privacy and trust with Hybrid Work

Ecommerce could jump 15% over 2021 holiday season

Redefining hybrid work network management for 2021 and beyond

4-day workweek gains steam, requires new IT planning for support

VPN, VDI and remote UC performance

Contact centers: Managing WFH voice, video and WiFi

New tools aim to make WFH less lonely

Podcast: What will Fall 2021 look like for WFH and students?

SASE enters “adolescence” in Gartner Hype Cycle

Podcast: IT investments soar as businesses plot digital future

The Hybrid Work Network Monitoring Checklist

Podcast: As enterprises go hybrid cloud, data center construction shrinks

New month, new infrastructure bill: $1 trillion total, $65 billion to broadband

With productivity on the rise, workers question return to office

Introducing Stories From The Wire: The AppNeta Podcast!

75 percent of tech workers want remote work “indefinitely”

Gartner: Businesses in growth mode as IT investments surge

Back-to-school tech spending to explode in 2021

Software & IT are the top fields for remote work

Latest infrastructure bill: $65 billion toward broadband

WeWork Rebound? Shared office leases hit post-pandemic high

Customer experience tops IT priority list

Facebook, AirBnB announce ambitious new Work From Anywhere policies

CDNs, POPs and SSDs: How the Fastly outage happened

WFH or bust: Workers quitting rather than return to office

Amazon Sidewalks: Would you share your Internet with neighbors?

What it takes to ensure successful teleworking

Microsoft Build 2021: Teams, Outlook updated for developers

Airbnb: Work From Anywhere driving long-term, remote rentals

Misalignment between cloud and network teams derailing ROI

Report: On-prem software demand still on par with SaaS

Data center construction shrinks as enterprises go hybrid cloud

CIO Report: IT role expanding into strategic arm of business

Google: 3-day workweek, increased worker flexibility post-pandemic

AppNeta wins two 2021 Stevies from the American Business Awards

2020 Census: Urban flight continues, while rural areas gain residents

Deloitte: Digital transformation “lynchpin” to post-pandemic success

VMware launches Anywhere Workspace for distributed enterprises

Microsoft makes $19.7 billion investment into Healthcare Cloud

Gartner: IT spending to top $4.1 trillion in 2021

Report: 62% of Americans prefer telehealth post-pandemic

AppNeta wins 2021 Cloud Computing Product of the Year from TMC

Biden Infrastructure Bill: $100 billion to expand broadband access

Microsoft, Uber and Facebook map partial return to office

Attitudes shifting on cloud in corporate banking

AppNeta wins 2021 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award

IT skills gap cost enterprises up to $29,000 per team member in 2020

Comcast: 70% growth in streaming traffic as the US goes WFH

Microsoft launches Cloud for Finance, Manufacturing, and Nonprofit

Accenture: 5 trends accelerating digital transformation in 2021

Beyond Robinhood: A broader look at Fintech in 2021

Microsoft adds Bulletins and Milestones to Teams Power Apps suite

Salesforce unveils permanent Work From Anywhere strategy

Cloud investments near $40 billion in Q4 2020

SAP taps Microsoft Teams integration for enterprise SaaS

Microsoft earnings jump on prospect of second digital transformation

Record-breaking 2020 holidays leave lasting mark on retail industry

Rural broadband, data protection on agenda for new White House tech office

Poor end-user experience accelerating WFH burnout

Leading experts predict work-from-anywhere future

Report: 24% of companies lack critical network visibility

Relief package includes $7 billion for broadband investments

Legacy IT becoming a money drain for enterprises, reports show

Infographic: A look at Microsoft Teams (by the numbers)

AppNeta wins 2020 BIG Stratus Award for Cloud

Salesforce catches Microsoft Slack-ing, promising more competition

Online shopping jumps 22% over Black Friday 2020

What does Amazon Pharmacy mean for the future of healthcare?

Zoom’s “Unlimited” Thanksgiving: 3 tips for holiday calls

101: What is SASE and why is it important for the enterprise?

Report: 97% of IT execs agree lack of SaaS visibility concerning

Retailers redefine digital fulfillment with TikTok, Postmates partnerships

Salesforce: Consumer preference for digital channels cemented in 2020

WFH burnout building at Google, Facebook

Gartner Xpo: Announcing the 2021 class of tech buzzwords

Apple adopts new fulfillment model ahead of iPhone 12 launch

Comcast aiming for 10Gbps residential Internet speeds

Amazon Prime Day rings in early holiday shopping season

Is the “digital divide” widening during the pandemic?

Google explores “hybrid-office” as the future of WFH

Microsoft Teams beefs-up enterprise offerings for 2021

Microsoft, Google expand multi-cloud capabilities

Apple One: Unpacking big tech’s latest “as-a-Service”

Siemens: 3 benefits of remote work in healthcare

How Zoom became a verb during COVID-19

Netflix CEO turns sour on WFH

Record Internet speed achieved at 178 Tbps

UCaaS market to reach $24.3 billion by 2026

Follow Google’s lead: Tips for managing remote workers

DNC goes digital as virtual events hit their stride

WFH success leads to questions about HQ, remote offices

Telehealth expansion continues, backed by executive order

IDG: Roughly one third of IT budgets go to cloud by 2021

How to monitor "last mile" WFH connectivity

Google extends WFH to June 2021

Mobile work becoming “new normal” in the enterprise

Gartner: IT investments drop 7.3 percent in 2020

In a WFH world, what’s the deal with SD-WAN?

How to get business-level KPIs when users WFH

Telehealth adoption reaches new high during COVID-19

Despite widespread WFH, office footprints will remain the same

Cloud migration accelerating faster than ever, report shows

Virtual call centers accelerating cloud migration in 2020

AppNeta Wins 2020 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award

Xerox forecasts 85% of IT will return to office over 12-18 months

Video, VPN tool adoption spikes month-over-month

IT pros to move three quarters of apps to cloud in 2020

Why it’s important to truly “experience” your network

Redefining Innovation: AppNeta nabs two 2020 Stevies

Report: COVID-19 speeding up enterprise path to cloud, containerization

Multicloud deployments top enterprise priorities for 2020

AppNeta scores two major accolades honoring workplace culture

Cloud migration market forecasts shift in response to COVID-19

Report: 30-40 percent of workforce may stay WFH after pandemic

As Zoom takes off, complementary apps follow suit

Report: SD-WAN, edge remain top networking considerations

Microsoft Teams plays catch up in the race for on-screen faces

Will Apple & Google’s COVID-19 partnership impact the enterprise?

Gaining user insights without burdening network capacity

Quibi enters the streaming race: How will it impact the enterprise?

Monitoring WFH users and VPN with AppNeta

What roles will remain WFH after ‘social distancing’ ends?

#EachForEqual Women of AppNeta: Sarah Lane, Senior Customer Success Manager

Slack updates platform as Microsoft Teams doubles daily users

‘Work From Home’ skyrockets as COVID-19 concerns expand

As COVID-19 develops, AppNeta looks forward

#EachForEqual Women of AppNeta: Ashley-Gail Wright, Junior Software Developer

Network management will be largely automated by 2025, report shows

#EachForEqual Women of AppNeta: Thea Mercer, People Operations Specialist

Last-minute remote work policy? Here’s where to start

Is “tech-clash” the biggest threat to digital transformation?

Report: Remote work could save $3k per employee, with the right tools

EHRs, “Ditch the Disk” and the latest digital transformation in healthcare

How AIOps is shaping the success of remote call centers

Branch offices in 2020: New traffic patterns gain steam

Twitter embraces remote work as user and revenue numbers hit new heights

Avoiding the “downward spiral” of enterprise IT

Major app malfunction stalls Iowa Caucuses

Google targets Office365 with upcoming mobile UC app

Cloud Computing 2020: How trends affect IT job market

Announcing the 2020 Enterprise App Report Card!

2020 Streaming Wars: Disney debuts strong with Peacock on the horizon

PC sales rose in 2019 for first time in 8 years

As cloud spend went up, data center budgets plateaued in 2010s

CES 2020: How will new tech affect enterprises?

MPLS & SD-WAN: The past and future of networking

3 Tips for managing remote workers

AWS CEO: C-Suite to play a more active role in network transformations

Top 3 Network Congestion Issues

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, by the numbers

Hybrid cloud migration gains lift at AWS re:Invent

Holiday Shopping 2019: Brands that go omnichannel will win the season

Report: 97% of IT leaders involved with Digital transformation in 2020

Streaming wars heat up as Disney+ and Apple TV+ officially launch

What is “carrier-grade” exactly?

Think NetFlow has you completely covered? Think again...

50 years after ARPANET, the Internet now runs everything

Walmart latest brand to expand employee telehealth pilot

MEF 70: A new standard for taking the confusion out of SD-WAN

Digital-first students increase demands on college campuses

Family First: Finding the right fit to grow your career

Validating ISP SLAs requires comprehensive network monitoring

“Fourth Industrial Revolution” is in the news. What is it, exactly?

Study shows human error to blame in majority of network downtime incidents

“Internet-only” eclipsing “internet-first” at largest enterprises

2020 Enterprise Tech Predictions, Part 1

Amazon launches telehealth pilot program for Seattle-based employees

AppNeta launches 802.1X authentication across Monitoring Points

$600,000: The cost of network brownouts in the enterprise

IT struggling to keep pace with business demands, report shows

Supply chain automation, multichannel strategies separating retail winners from losers

Micro-hotels usher in next-generation of hotel technology

Hospitals deploy telehealth programs in response to Hurricane Dorian

Hybrid cloud boosts innovation, lowers costs in Finance

As BYOD evolves, network monitoring more critical than ever

Telehealth and classroom tech converge in Northwest Florida

Disney+ enters the “streaming wars”

3 factors driving digital transformation on college campuses

Lack of data analysis hindering cloud migration ROI, report shows

As remote work becomes more viable, local governments taking notice

3 technologies driving Industry 4.0

Developers (and pizza?) flocking to remote work

Can cloud adoption boost innovation in life sciences?

How has SaaS transformed the role of Enterprise IT?

On the back of Amazon online shopping boosts to #2 in the U.S. retail market

Slack vs. Teams: Latest tech “arms race” centers on enterprise communications tools

Streaming on the job: Netflix Hangouts attempts, but fails, to mask video streams

Where will digital transformation take healthcare next?

Digital transformation taking off faster in retail than some brands can handle

Will streaming news be the real winner of the 2020 Democratic debates?

Vast majority of tech workers would relocate, report shows

String of Target outages causes uproar on social media

Reports show that only a third of cloud migrations are being executed successfully

Day 2 & 3 recap from Cisco Live 2019 #CLUS

Scenes from Day 1 at Cisco Live 2019 #CLUS

Key takeaways from Google’s landmark remote work survey

Only half of IT knowingly employ Network Monitoring, AppNeta report finds

The state of GDPR, one year later

Shining a light on Shadow IT

After long crawl, cloud adoption accelerates in financial sector

Remote work gets big vote of confidence at Facebook F8 Conference

Digital transformation investments top $1.2 trillion in 2019

Report: Upgrades to network infrastructure top agenda item for IT in 2019

Cloud-based call centers now the “new normal” within the enterprise

Streaming sports nabs more viewers (and network capacity) in 2019

Report: Enterprise leaders struggle to define Digital Transformation

Redefining MTTR, MTTI for the Cloud Era

Intent-based networking vs. SD-WAN: What’s the difference, and why it matters

Meeting talent on their turf: Tech companies embrace the remote office

Why it's critical to understand your "App Landscape"

Report: Legacy network monitoring tools don't cut it in the cloud

What is IPv6, and why isn’t your network using it yet?

Rethinking your "game plan" for network monitoring

The World Wide Web turns 30: A look back at the good, bad and the ugly

As tech transforms the hotel business, network performance is critical

Week-long network outage drives cloud migration at Amherst College

AppNeta Consistently Ranks in the Top 3 for 2019 Gartner NPMD Critical Capabilities Report

SD-WAN: The promise vs. the reality

BGP: Your roadmap for the “Information Superhighway”

How to quantify—and qualify—cloud migration benefits

Avoiding IT "Blind Spots" at Remote Offices

What it means to be pre-active about performance monitoring

Why DNS Monitoring is essential for end-user experience

101: What is DNS -- and why is it important?

AppNeta Successfully Completes SOC 2 Type 1 Examination

Scenes from the Show: 2018 Gartner IOCS in Las Vegas

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