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Network Visibility Isn’t the End Goal
May 2, 2018 by

Industry Insights

The day security and monitoring appliances were added to network infrastructure was the day that visibility became a major IT concern. However, IT complexity has grown exponentially in recent years, making network visibility a bit of a buzzword. Perhaps the biggest reason is the widespread shift to cloud computing. Cisco research found that by 2019,
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WebRTC is great for end users, but what about the network

WebRTC: Boon for End-User Experience, Burden for Networks?
April 4, 2018 by

Industry Insights, Performance Monitoring

Like just about any other technology, WebRTC has followed the hype cycle pretty closely. (Were you surprised to see a headline on this topic in 2018?) WebRTC, an open source project, aims to boost mobile apps and browsers to real-time speed using APIs. After reaching peak hype around 2013, we slipped down into the trough
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WiFi performance is a tough nut to crack

What’s Holding Your WiFi Performance Back?
April 2, 2018 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

We have a tendency to take WiFi networks for granted. As consumers, we don’t think about the logistics of WiFi—we just want to watch Netflix without constant buffering. The same expectation carries over for employees using business applications. They don’t care what’s going on with the WiFi in the background. They just want seamless access
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Doing a Cloud Computing Reality Check
March 22, 2018 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

For at least the last couple of years, IT has been pressured to put everything into the cloud. Whether it’s new startup operating entirely in the cloud or a large, established enterprise trying to migrate, cloud computing has been positioned as the obvious evolution of IT. Everywhere you turned, someone was calling for the death
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SD-WAN and WAN optimization are coming together

SD-WAN and WAN Optimization Aren’t Destined to be a Dynamic Duo
March 13, 2018 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Just last summer, we published a post that discussed the differences between SD-WAN and WAN optimization. At the time, many people were simplifying the discussion and wondering if SD-WAN could replace aging WAN optimization solutions. When you break down the purposes of each technology, the two look more like a dynamic duo than a replacement
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IoT management is an emerging IT challenge

Tackling the New World of Internet of Things Management
February 27, 2018 by

Cloud Computing, Networking Technology

For a long time, the Internet of Things (IoT) was considered over-hyped. The promises of widespread data collection, transmission and analysis all sounded pretty great, and business leaders across all functions were ready to buy in. But as we enter 2018, IoT is actually here. Deployments have become practical enough to warrant the rise of
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Get back to basics with your network for better end-user experience

Back to Basics: How Well Do You Know Your Network?
February 20, 2018 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

How many businesses can say their employees never think twice about technology in the workplace? It’s a question we looked at late last year as end-user experiences become increasingly important for workplace productivity. But unfortunately, business applications of all kinds experience performance hits on a daily basis. As a result, we’ve seen the market for
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3 tips for network engineering challenge

Don’t Take SaaS for Granted—Make Sure Your Deployments Go Smoothly
October 19, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

 Cloud application adoption is a force that can’t be stopped. And honestly, do any IT leaders really want to stop it? There are a lot of benefits to using cloud and SaaS applications. When you move your apps from on-premises to the cloud, life in IT is supposed to get a lot easier. You enjoy
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Internal SLAs can improve end-user experience

Why Internal SLAs Shouldn’t Feel Like Punishments
October 12, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

Service-level agreements (SLAs) are becoming increasingly familiar territory for the average IT leader. Unfortunately, the number of SaaS SLAs is sprawling across IT organizations to the point that it’s nearly impossible to manage them all. Business-critical applications are increasingly moving to the cloud and it’s only a matter of time before bandwidth resources start to
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End-user experience matters

The 5 Most Important Metrics of End-User Experience Monitoring
September 28, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Technology is becoming increasingly commoditized as consumerization of IT permeates all industries. Now, business leaders are turning to customer experience to help differentiate them from competitors. But even as so much attention is paid to the customer experience, there’s another experience that is often overlooked—the internal end-user experience. At the same time end-user experience is
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