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Multiple Salesforce integrations with APIs can slow the network

Calculating the Cost of Salesforce Integrations
October 11, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

Salesforce is an integral part of many companies’ sales organizations It’s a SaaS application that’s billed per head, but the selling point for businesses  is the time savings that sales reps can achieve with the organization and optimization of account data. Alas, in a world of app integrations, time savings is not guaranteed, and a
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Capacity vs. bandwidth for network and application performance monitoring

Capacity vs. Bandwidth: Why You’re Not Getting What You Pay For
October 10, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Disbelief is a common theme in our demo process with potential customers. When we use our AppNeta Performance Manager to show a customer their own data for a particular office, they almost immediately ask why the capacity metrics are low. If the customer is paying for 250 Mbps out of that office, why is AppNeta
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Gauging outage and downtime costs

Finding the Cost of Poor Application or Network Performance
October 4, 2017 by

Cloud Computing, Performance Monitoring

We hear from prospects and customers a lot that they didn’t realize they could monitor their entire infrastructure. That infrastructure today is complicated: The mix of cloud providers, SaaS apps and remote offices, along with tech-savvy, distributed users, can be pretty daunting. It’s not surprising that monitoring it all seems hard—it’s a concept that doesn’t
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AppNeta performance monitoring works better than traceroute

AppNeta vs. Traceroute for Network Performance Monitoring
October 2, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Traceroute is a basic network investigation tool that every IT professional has used for simple network troubleshooting. It tracks the path of an IP network packet from source to destination by sending packets marked with a TTL value (or hop count) that increments for each transmission. It can give you a rough idea of the
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iOS 11 update can affect network traffic

Tame Your Mobile Traffic for iOS 11 and Beyond
September 18, 2017 by

Industry Insights, Networking Technology

Apple’s latest OS—iOS 11—launches tomorrow. With half to two-thirds of device users running iOS 10, reflecting the huge base of iPhone users, this is no small event for corporate networks. Users bring their devices to work as a matter of course, whether they use them a little or a lot for actual work. So while
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Capacity is an important metric

Why Capacity Matters More Than You Think
September 5, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

There are plenty of varieties of network monitoring these days, and various ways it’s used. The reason for using it, however, is fairly singular: to see and improve end-user experience. Network monitoring can ensure that the network has been running well, is running well currently and will continue to run well in the future, regardless
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Don’t Jump Off the SD-WAN Cliff Without a Parachute
August 29, 2017 by

Industry Insights, Networking Technology

SD-WAN is gaining traction quickly with a lot of businesses. If SD-WAN technology is on your radar, you likely want to improve the performance of networks and applications at remote offices. You may have jumped off the SD-WAN adoption cliff already, or are at least researching and considering it. With SD-WAN’s popularity, it has gained a
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The last-mile of the WAN network affects users

Solve Your Last-Mile WAN Challenges
August 1, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Today, there is a lot of effort toward speeding up cloud-hosted app performance through the use of solutions like SD-WAN, but not enough attention afforded to the so-called last mile of these connections. This last mile is the final network step that gets data coming into a particular office to the user requesting that data.
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Take a networking acronyms quiz

AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes: Feature Breakdown
July 26, 2017 by

Performance Monitoring, Product News

AppNeta and ThousandEyes both design performance monitoring products. Each product takes a different approach to modern monitoring. AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes Product Overview AppNeta provides a comprehensive solution that combines the three crucial pieces of analytics: usage, experience and delivery. This combination enables continuous monitoring of modern cloud-based infrastructure, seeing into cloud and SaaS applications from
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AppNeta provides better data than SNMP

AppNeta vs. SNMP: Device-Centric Monitoring Has Limits
July 19, 2017 by

Networking Technology, Performance Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of your infrastructure is a worthy and necessary part of any IT environment. Whether you have one office or thousands, knowing the status of your equipment is important. However, many of the applications we depend on today are delivered over networks owned by carriers. Accessing your email, for example, likely routes through
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