At Gartner, It's About IT Relevance
by Damian Roskill on

For the next few days, AppNeta has set up camp here at the Gartner IOSS show. This summit is a place for us to hear about others’ visions for the IT future. We’re surrounded by analysts, speakers and the attendees who are taking on IT challenges every day at work.

We know what our AppNeta vision is: Giving IT back the control they’ve lost in the cloud through complete visibility into application and network performance. Getting that control back means IT closes visibility gaps, uses the right metrics and knows how to make end-user experience better. We’re all aware, here at the show, of the lay of the land in IT today. Companies are using the cloud in varying ways and amounts. They’re managing distributed systems and environments, like SaaS applications and remote offices. These modern companies are doing all this with one eye on the network connecting all these different parts.

It’s all a big change for IT teams, who are still adjusting to this new normal. They have to prove their worth, and their relevance. Technology has gotten more complex and distributed on the back end, but more simple and accessible to non-technical users on the front end. IT is as essential as ever, but often isn’t getting the respect they should.

We’re looking forward to hearing a lot here at IOSS about the “how” of IT operations, so that IT leaders can go back to work equipped with the tools to be proactive in their jobs.  

Holding On to IT Control at Scale

One of our customers—Marriott International—will share their story this week of how they’ve streamlined application and network management and gained a ton of visibility into end-user experience using AppNeta’s monitoring tools. Marriott’s network team can see application performance at thousands of global locations.

Marriott’s story might sound familiar to IT leaders who are getting constant pressure to show results to the business side. They have to show faster response times, fewer user complaints and help desk tickets, and have the data to back it all up. And on top of all that, the network needs to be fast and never go down.

Quantifying end-user experience is a goal for Marriott and lots of other big companies, and that involves choosing and tracking the right metrics. Other IT tasks in this new cloud world include managing ISP performance and holding providers of all stripes accountable to SLAs.

Lots of attendees will hear parts of their story in Marriott’s, and see pathways to IT relevance and success in how they’ve embraced the changing IT world. We know that taking control over your infrastructure—the parts that are yours, and the parts that aren’t—is the way forward.

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