As COVID-19 develops, AppNeta looks forward
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It goes without saying that as the COVID-19 outbreak continues disrupting everyone’s day-to-day, anxieties are running high and there still seem to be more questions than answers about the virus’ short- and long-term impact. From having to scramble to adopt a new way of working, to stress testing networks to support remote traffic – and, most importantly, ensuring the health and safety of employees and customers – enterprise leaders are juggling a litany of tough decisions that many had never even considered.

As enterprise IT’s partner in network monitoring and management, AppNeta understands and empathizes with this struggle. We support a global customer base out of our Boston and Vancouver offices and have actively worked with all team members to ensure they have the tools they need to remain productive no matter where they work – and the support they need to keep them and their families healthy no matter what.

Already, our customer engagement model leverages remote interaction as our primary support channel across sales, support, and customer success. That means that the vast majority of team members have already been primed to work remotely, if they don’t already do so daily.

As such, we anticipate that our team and solution will continue to deliver unmatched network visibility during what may be the biggest test of our customers’ network infrastructures to date.

We understand that one of the key reasons customers turn to AppNeta is to deliver remote office visibility, which is a promise we deliver to many of the world’s largest enterprise businesses. Our platform was built with the distributed enterprise and end-user experience in mind from the start, so it’s no wonder that we’re up to the challenge of helping our customers navigate their fast-tracked network overhauls and transformations in the face of COVID-19.

If you’re already an AppNeta customer, know that we’re here for you without interruption and our customer success team can be reached with any and all questions. If you aren’t an AppNeta customer or are simply scrambling to help prep your network for a wealth of remote traffic, we have tips to help you get started and would be happy to show you how you can put our 4-Dimensional strategy of network performance monitoring to work for your network.

To learn more about how you can prep your employees for remote work should your office be impacted by the coronavirus, read our blog, Last-minute remote work policy? Here’s where to start.

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