Are you ready for Node 6? We are!
by April 25, 2016

Filed under: Industry Insights

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Node v6 is scheduled to land tomorrow and with it comes some great stuff.

This release bumps the version of V8 up to 5.0, which expands ES6 coverage from 58% all the way up to 96%! We now have destructuring, default function parameters, rest parameters, Proxy, Reflect and RegExp y/u flags all baked in. There’s also many improvements to let and const block scoping, and completed class support, with proper subclassing of many of the built-in types.

There are also many changes in node itself, including the introduction of safe buffers, wider acceptance of buffer arguments in core APIs, many type and error safety changes and some major performance improvements around the module system and file system operations.

Overall, this is a rather substantial release with many new things to play with, and TraceView is ready for it right out of the gate. Try it out!