Stop the finger pointing, start solving problems: Announcing AppNeta’s Unified Performance Management Solutions
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Now more than ever before, the management and reliable delivery of applications dictates business success. Application downtime leads to wasted employee time and thousands of negative customer experiences. When a retailer’s website loads slowly, sales are lost because the prospect is already 10 clicks away. You should never let your technology problems become business problems.

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When an application or network performs poorly, the IT team is sent to fix it. However, if they don’t have deep, broad visibility to identify the problem, hours and dollars are lost, and “blamestorming” ensues. The network and applications teams often operate in corporate silos and while your IT team is busy pointing fingers and trying to find the problem, your application is still under-performing and your business is suffering.

In a recent survey of developers, Web ops and application performance professionals, we found that network performance insight is equally as important to end-user experience as application performance visibility (check out the infographic data to the left!). What organizations need today is an easy, unified approach to performance management solutions and end-user experience, one that looks at both the applications and the network.

Today, we announced AppNeta’s new approach to managing performance across applications and networks. Unified performance management means that developers and IT teams can BOTH proactively detect problems across application layers and tiers, and see deep into every element of the network performance stack – path, packet, flow and device.  AppNeta’s solutions offer complete, 360⁰ visibility into applications and networks to get valuable, actionable data for quick problem resolution and optimization.

All business begins and ends with the end user, so should your application and network monitoring. See what you’ve been missing with AppNeta!

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