AppNeta wins two 2021 Stevies from the American Business Awards
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As AppNeta embarks on its second decade innovating network performance monitoring, our trophy shelf continues to grow with our business, as we’re the proud winners of two 2021 Stevies from the American Business Awards—Silver for Achievement in Product Innovation and Bronze for Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year (up to 2,500 employees).

This is our second year in a row ranking in these respective categories, which is incredible validation when taking into context just how the business world transformed over the past 12 months.

Enterprises across industries underwent their most extensive digital transformation in history this past year, as workers across roles were forced to work from home, tasking IT teams to manage an entirely new enterprise infrastructure than what they were working with pre-pandemic. Back then, enterprise IT and network teams had greater control over the remote office locations that the majority of end users shared to access their business-critical workflows.

Today, many of those workers have left the office indefinitely, leaving IT to manage a network footprint that’s scaled to thousands of offices-of-one, all with unique access to the network via an array of ISPs and cloud stakeholders.

When IT teams lose that inherent control of end-user experience that a traditional remote office network affords them, they need tools like AppNeta that grant them visibility across the new network domains delivering apps to end users’ residential workstations.

What makes AppNeta such an innovator is the ability for teams to seamlessly gain this end-user insight to immediately diagnose end-user performance issues and get ahead of performance roadblocks in a Work From Anywhere world. We wasted no time enhancing AppNeta Performance Manager to scale both the deployment capabilities and depth of insight that IT teams can gain when the enterprise footprint explodes.

As a result, we’re now embarking on our 10th year stronger than ever, with our product continuing to solve some of the most pressing IT challenges out there, with customers including three out of the 5 largest corporations and four out of the five largest cloud providers on Earth.

Leading product, customer and workplace innovation

This latest recognition comes off of a string of award wins and industry recognition for us over the past few months, as we’ve been lauded for our product, our customer support, and even our workplace, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

TMC recently named us a 2021 CUSTOMER Product of the Year as well as a 2021 Cloud Computing Product of the Year, while The Business Intelligence Group (BIG) recently recognized AppNeta with the 2020 Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing and the 2021 BIG Innovation Award.

We were also recently recognized by BuiltIn as one of the leading workplaces in Boston, while regularly being included in various Best Workplace rankings, even as the workforce moved away from physical offices.

This broad swath of recognition across the different areas of the company can, in many ways, be attributed to the fact that we practice what we preach and use our own winning solution to keep our decentralized (and growing!) team connected. We have a product that’s geared ideally for monitoring the cloud and enabling Work From Anywhere, and our own success over the course of the past year is a perfect example of ethos in action: Being the enterprise partner for digital transformation.


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