AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes: Feature Breakdown
by July 26, 2017

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AppNeta and ThousandEyes both design performance monitoring products. Each product takes a different approach to modern monitoring.

AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes Product Overview

AppNeta provides a comprehensive solution that combines the three crucial pieces of analytics: usage, experience and delivery. This combination enables continuous monitoring of modern cloud-based infrastructure, seeing into cloud and SaaS applications from the end user’s point of view. AppNeta is transparent, offering more value and better support without the sticker shock of variable test-based price increases.

In contrast to this complete monitoring solution, ThousandEyes monitors internal and external network performance through a test-based workflow using data sources like ping, traceroute, BGP, page load, HTTP server, DNS server and DNS trace. This only covers two of the three critical monitoring components—experience and delivery. Reliance on device-specific metrics like BGP to gather metrics leave the product lacking informational depth, and flooding too often can easily overtax the network. Industry standards like ping and traceroute allow ThousandEyes to show basic route data on a periodic basis with no escalation beyond alerts. Though the two monitoring components they do have are limited in functionality, they are still more expensive than AppNeta.

ThousandEyes’ products were initially developed to meet the needs of SaaS providers. Their network monitoring capabilities rely on traceroute measuring transit delays of packets across an IP network, as well as BGP data collected from internet devices between enterprises and cloud services.

AppNeta Advantages

We’re biased, of course, but we’ve developed our product to meet the needs of distributed businesses and users today.

Automatic application identification: With AppNeta you can identify what apps are being used on your network and segment by user, application, host or conversation to get to the bottom of congestion issues quickly. For external employees, utilize remote packet capture and application performance insight to help diagnose issues for distributed offices. In contrast, ThousandEyes has no ability to monitor what applications are using at a particular location.

Hop-by-hop performance: AppNeta’s proprietary packet train analysis technology actively measures performance, giving you visibility with actionable metrics such as total capacity vs. utilized capacity, data loss, latency, quality of service (QoS), round-trip time (RTT), jitter, Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and VOIP quality at each hop along the entire application delivery path. ThousandEyes partially measures and collects limited performance data which includes availability, round-trip time, and data loss from traceroute and BGP data that is averaged across the application delivery path. AppNeta goes a step beyond metric collection by providing you with network diagnostics that identify one of 80+ potential network issues and assigns each a confidence score.

Go beyond the visibility provided by your application services: Capturing the most popular user actions for the most popular business applications, AppNeta’s synthetics mimic your users’ experience action by action as part of the product. ThousandEyes’ basic capabilities provide basic HTTP performance, which only captures availability information already available to customers by most app services. In order to receive user experience data, you must upgrade to the Pro version of ThousandEyes to pay for scripted tests.

Understand your entire application and user ecosystem: AppNeta provides you with visibility into actual user data. Understand what apps are running across all of your locations, as well as when and who is running them on your network. Correlate application usage and sluggishness to network usage and latency without requiring per-user laptop agents.

Get actionable data but leave the dirty diagnostic work to us: ThousandEyes presents you with limited collected data that you have to parse and analyze. We give you the data you need to troubleshoot your network problems leaving you with answers and not questions.

AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes Feature Comparison

We’ve broken down the primary differences between how AppNeta and ThousandEyes deploy their products, which targets can be measured and which metrics are used in monitoring.

AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes network metrics

AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes application delivery

AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes application usage monitoring

AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes application experience monitoring

AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes monitoring target options

AppNeta vs. ThousandEyes deployment options