AppNeta scores two major accolades honoring workplace culture
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It goes without saying that regardless of the industry you find yourself in, the past few months have changed the way the world does business significantly – probably forever. With corporate offices closing and home offices popping up across the map, individual workers have had to suddenly restructure their day-to-day lives with little preparation, putting a lot of pressure on their managers and teammates to provide clarity and support in a time when uncertainty reigns.

While things are no different here at AppNeta as we ride out the many obstacles COVID-19 throws our way, the pandemic did shine a light on one thing: When faced with a new challenge, our team rises to the occasion and thrives.

Long before “work-from-home” orders shuttered our Boston and Vancouver offices, we had established a robust remote work policy and armed our teams with all the tools they needed to take their work wherever they needed to be.

But it’s not just our ability to support WFH that’s helped us navigate the choppy waters of COVID-19. It’s because of our people and our deeply entrenched culture of support (and good humor) that have been a heartening reminder of just how uniquely our company is prepared to weather any storm.

When we talk about a workplace, we don’t mean our physical offices in Fort Point, Boston or on Water Street in Vancouver. We mean all of the physical and digital spaces where our teams come together to help our customers achieve great results. Whether that’s our weekly company-wide All Hands Zoom meetings to open up the floor and promote transparency across departments, or the frequent check-ins between workers and their managers at all levels, we strive to ensure AppNetians never feel out of touch – even if they’re miles apart.

This culture of transparency, performance and trust was established long before COVID-19 and is a key reason why we’ve been lauded with two of our industry’s leading workplace honors: Inclusion within Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2020, as well as the number two spot on The 25 Best Software Companies To Work For In 2020, Boston Area, from The Software Report.

This is means as much (if not more) today now that our teamwork has been put to the test than ever before. Because we operate in a fast-paced industry, our team has always been able to roll with the punches and change gears on a dime when the circumstances have called for it, and the latest rush to WFH has been no different.

We can’t thank our team enough, and we look forward to whatever challenges tomorrow brings because we know we’ll meet them head on and come out the other side stronger than ever.

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