AppNeta Route Visualization now features BGP Data
by Alec Pinkham Alec Pinkham on

Hot on the heels of our recently introduced DNS monitoring capabilities, we’re excited to announce that we’ve enhanced AppNeta Performance Manager’s Route Visualization capabilities with BGP data, adding greater context to the insights within the platform’s Delivery dashboard.

Our new Route Visualization brings you the big picture. You can see how DNS, content delivery networks, and BGP work together to deliver content to your users efficiently. Importantly though, you can quickly identify when things aren't working as expected and drill down to the cause.

The Route Visualization's live BGP data lets you see not only the layer 3 hops, but the networks (Autonomous Systems) they belong to. Each network is collapsed for easy viewing to start but you can drill down to hop level and back again with one click.

Some of the specific platform enhancements that users should keep an eye out for include:

  • BGP Autonomous System overlay to show public networks traversed between your office locations and the applications you use. This is based on live BGP routing data so that it responds to real-time changes in routing.
  • Powerful search capability that allows instant comparison of routing across many locations and multiple applications. You can quickly isolate what apps are affected and what routers and networks they have in common.
  • Viewing of routes over time, which allows you to analyze the effect of routing changes by showing all routes active in the selected time window, not just one by one.
  • Up to a year of routing history. This lets you identify long term changes, degradation, or isolate intermittent issues.
  • Easy tracing and inspection of routes using the data bar and easy navigation of active routes using the time cursor lets you quickly identify points of failure across varied, complex routes.

These enhancements help you keep an eye on both your local ISPs and the transit carriers for all your business-critical applications and office locations. This visual gives you at-a-glance, carrier-level information without the need to be a BGP expert. Simply monitor the critical applications from all your locations and AppNeta will show you if and when they’re impacted by routing problems.

You can read more about the value of BGP in our previous post.

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