AppNeta Response to POODLE
by October 22, 2014

Filed under: Industry Insights

AppNeta no longer blogs on DevOps topics like this one.

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AppNeta is responding to the vulnerability in the SSLv3 protocol. It has been assigned CVE-2014-3566, and is commonly known as POODLE. For a succinct overview see this article.

PathView Cloud and TraceView services were affected as the service supported both SSL and TLS for secure communication. Rather than applying a patch to our SSL library, we are instead choosing to disable SSLv3 throughout, in order to preclude this vulnerability altogether.

Several parts of our infrastructure require updating, an effort that will continue over the next few days. To date, the PathView Cloud and TraceView user interface have been updated, so your browser connections to these apps are no longer vulnerable. PathView Appliances will be upgraded October 21st between 8-11pm EST, and thereafter appliance connections to PathView Cloud from your Appliances will no longer be vulnerable.