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For those of us who’ve worked in IT for a long time, we know disruptive change when we see it. And cloud and SaaS have brought about the biggest change for IT teams we’ve seen in many years. These trends have turned traditional IT on its head, and that includes the way IT researches, chooses, purchases and then supports the technology they need to run a business.

From our perspective, supporting cloud-delivered applications has really gotten tricky for IT. How are you supposed to see how these new types of tools are actually working? This challenge includes both moving new and existing apps to the cloud, and adopting SaaS and web applications.

The old tools that worked in the traditional legacy IT world just can’t make the leap to see into the outside providers we now depend on. Some of those legacy tools rely on device access, so they’re shut out entirely from seeing SaaS or cloud networks. Others, like traditional synthetics monitoring tools, can still offer some information, but give an incomplete picture.

Without the right tools, it just gets harder for IT to gauge how well SaaS apps and cloud services are working. And one thing that hasn’t changed from the pre-cloud world is that IT still gets the user calls and help desk tickets. But the reasons behind the issues that users are experiencing can be a lot more mysterious than when it was a simple router fix or missing patch. When IT only controls one end of the network path, there are a whole lot of missing pieces from there to the cloud data center--wherever it may be.

We’ve been in the monitoring business for long enough to know that visibility into all those apps and networks can make or break a cloud application or SaaS deployment. So, without further ado, we here at AppNeta are thrilled to announce the launch of AppNeta Performance Manager. What we’re really excited about is that we’ve assembled the solution that’s complete, and actually up to the task of monitoring these distributed, cloud-based environments that serve real people. When we say “complete,” we mean it. AppNeta Performance Manager sees every application in use at every location, and lets you see how each end user is experiencing those apps. Our platform also sees into all the networks you use, including the ones to cloud providers, remote locations, over WiFi and the public internet.

To really drive home our end-user commitment with this AppNeta Performance Manager release, we’ve updated our synthetics engine--making it now the most powerful in the industry. It now lets you script for single-page apps and other complex web-based apps that depend on Javascript--we’re talking about G Suite or Office 365, for example. You can pinpoint exactly where users ran into problems to fix them faster. This new engine is 100% compatible with Selenium, and takes that functionality further to incorporate AppNeta’s ability to create milestones across multiple pages or scripts. We’re also the only monitoring provider to offer universal script deployment. You can script, without modification, across both internally deployed AppNeta monitoring points, or through our network of more than 60 global monitoring points.

Seeing into the cloud has become a real enterprise need. One of our customers chose AppNeta once his organization started its G Suite adoption. “We knew the IT organization would need complete application performance monitoring for a cloud-based solution,” he said. Their operation is large-scale, too: they needed to monitor thousands of employees at hundreds of locations. The team picked our tool because “only AppNeta could give us all the critical data across application usage, delivery and experience, giving us the visibility into the cloud that we need to do our jobs.”

So that’s what we mean by complete here at AppNeta. Our AppNeta Performance Manager is built for IT teams managing complex, distributed environments. We’ve also made sure that buying from us is easy. You won’t need any kind of online calculator to figure out your price, and that price won’t change based on how your team uses the solution. That means you won’t be surprised by your monitoring tool bills. This happens all too often in the SaaS world, but it doesn’t with AppNeta. You’ll just get visibility and better performance faster, and real insight that will lead to better decisions.

This is just the beginning for AppNeta Performance Manager. In the future, you can expect more functionality built to solve the unique problems that cloud-delivered applications create. We want to thank our amazing customers for all their support, and watch this spot for more details and updates as we continue to build the AppNeta vision. And make sure to check out our upcoming webinar on March 16th at 2pm to get the details on the features you’ll find in AppNeta Performance Manager.

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