AppNeta on the Road: Industry luncheon on Cloud Visibility in Toronto
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Last week, the AppNeta team took to the Great White North to host an industry luncheon and panel in Toronto, looking at the challenges of network management as cloud takes on a bigger role in the enterprise space.

Moderated by our own Chief Customer Officer Adam Edwards, the panel also included John Menezes, President & CEO of Stratejm, Alfred Ng, Director of IT Infrastructure and Application Operations at LCBO, and Samer Adi, Head of Information Security and Internal Controls at Indigo.

While the panel came to the lunch with their own insights, what made the event so intriguing was the participation from the roughly two dozen tech leaders in attendance, who shared their own unique paths to the cloud and the solutions they’ve employed to date.

To kick things off, Adam took a poll of the room to get a pulse on just how far along attendees felt their companies were in their cloud migration to date, as well as their embrace of SaaS apps. To date, roughly 70 percent of those in attendance support a user base that consumes third party applications, with roughly half of those polled estimating their organization leverages more than three business-critical SaaS tools.

With this knowledge in hand, Alfred went a bit deeper to try to understand where the most glaring gaps in app visibility may lay. When asking how many of the attendees believe they know all of the apps that are running on their org’s network, only one attendee tentatively raised their hand.

Pressed further, no one in attendance could confidently claim they know exactly where the source code lives for all of the apps on their network, or if they had all of the necessary infrastructure in place to support SaaS to begin with.

This informal polling helped to illustrate something we understand all too well at AppNeta: Teams are losing visibility into their networks when they make the inevitable migration to the cloud, and they desperately need to seek out effective monitoring solutions before this lack of visibility starts to impact end users.

What drove this point home even further was the understanding that reliance on the cloud and SaaS apps is only going to accelerate as enterprises of all stripes decentralize and push services to more remote locations. Already, roughly 50 percent of those in attendance were in charge of networks that support upwards of 50 locations, while 40 percent managed 500 remote offices and 30 percent exceeded 1,000.

While the majority of these companies were financial institutions, this decentralization of the enterprise is a trend across sectors that won’t be decelerating anytime soon. And across sectors, cloud and SaaS tools are going to be helping teams get there.

For instance, 10 percent of those polled were already in the process of changing how they connect to remote offices to facilitate decentralization and cloud migration, whether that’s through Direct Internet Access or traditional MPLS. Moreover, 40 percent of those in attendance are considering -- or are actively undergoing -- a transition to SD-WAN, which can help improve the management of diverse and dynamic network environments, but still leaves a lot to be desired where network monitoring is concerned.

And perhaps central to all of this was Adam’s final poll: When asking how many of the teams are focused or beholden to end-user experience, 60 percent of teams raised their hands.

Regardless of whether you work in finance, retail, healthcare or any other sector, your networks will be facing similar challenges and changes in the near future on some scale. You’ll need visibility into your changing network through every lens possible to ensure that any migration or transformation is actually in the service of network performance.


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