AppNeta named Best End-User Experience Insight in EMA Radar
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Successful network management in the age of the distributed enterprise begins with understanding end-user experience. With thousands of users outside the office, enterprise IT has seen their management footprint explode over the past few years, with each remote user effectively representing a “remote office of one,” and all of the management hurdles that entails.

On these new terms, IT is now accountable for making a local impact on end-user experience across network environments where they have little inherent control or visibility. At AppNeta, we saw this first hand across our customer base, as many enterprises had little time to plan before their workforce went remote, calling for network visibility on a whole new scale compared to what had been required in the office-centric past.

Our ongoing partnership with customers provided real-time feedback to enable us to deliver enterprise teams the metrics they need to be successful in their new decentralized reality. This came in the form of a completely scaled-up, SaaS-based Workstation Monitoring Point with capabilities that ensured enterprise IT teams could not only gain visibility into the “last mile” problem areas affecting remote workers, but that AppNeta’s solution could be deployed quickly and at scale.

Work-from-anywhere monitoring represents just one facet of AppNeta’s comprehensive monitoring solution, but played a critical role in having us named the Best End-User Experience Insight in the 2021 EMA Radar Report for Network Performance Management. AppNeta’s ability to combine active and passive monitoring to deliver visibility from the individual remote workstation all the way up to the largest data center campuses has set us apart as a Strong Value in the report, providing unmatched network visibility to enterprise IT.

“[AppNeta] offers one of the more comprehensive suites of active monitoring capabilities on the market, using a variety of techniques to get visibility into network performance and end-user experience,” the EMA Radar Report reads. “AppNeta’s solution is particularly well-suited for distributed enterprises that need to monitor hybrid WAN performance, cloud performance, and work-from-anywhere user experience. At the same time, AppNeta’s Monitoring Points can also passively collect network traffic for deep-packet inspection.”

While the technical bona fides of AppNeta Performance Manager gain specific praise in the EMA Radar, it’s the Customer Perspectives that truly speak to the less tangible factors that sets AppNeta above the competition. From praise for our technical account management team to laudits for our ability to scale at speed, AppNeta as an organization was a key factor contributing to our ranking.

“Whether for day-to-day operations or for proving out a design in a lab, it’s flexible and we’re able to use the multiple capabilities to pull a lot of value out of it for the engineering team and the operations team,” read one customer testimonial.


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