AppNeta Leadership Scores Twice with Gartner
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I’m excited to announce that AppNeta has reached another important milestone. Our leadership has been recognized in not one, but two Gartner Magic Quadrants - the Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring and the Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics.

It’s reassuring to know that our award-winning SaaS service is seen as both visionary (in the NPMD MQ) and as a market challenger (in the APM MQ). In fact, we’re the only SaaS vendor to be named to both Magic Quadrants.

 APM with Network Insight

From a 10,000-foot view, combining APM and NPM seems like a simple concept. But lets dig a bit deeper...

If you step back, why do we have IT management, or for that matter, IT at all? All businesses today runs on applications, and those apps are dependant upon a healthy network and IT infrastructure. In some extreme cases (like ecommerce or SaaS), the application is the business. When your applications aren’t running, your company grinds to a halt, and the people that build and operate those apps are on the hook to fix it. Without the right tools, the finger pointing ensues as each department blames the other, incapable of understanding why and how the apps aren’t running.

One way to attack this problem is piecemeal. Buy multiple solutions -- one for end-user experience monitoring, one for code-level monitoring, one for network monitoring, etc. -- and declare victory. After all, you have all the pieces, so that means they all work together, right? Even worse, some vendors take this approach in providing an “unified” APM solution, where the deepest level of unification is the logo at the top of the dashboard.

To us, unification means smarter data, not just more of it. From combining RUM and synthetics to network diagnostics from the application’s perspective, our full stack application performance management provides customers with code-level insight that includes end-user experience monitoring and network insight.

Customer Use Cases

As the CEO, I love hearing from our customers. It helps me to better understand how our products are really being used, which drives improvement in every department of our business - product management, sales, marketing, etc.

Two customer stories are top of mind as I write this post: Red Hat, Inc. and MapMyFitness, Inc. Both companies came to us to not only to identify performance bottlenecks for their internally-built applications, but to also reduce troubleshooting time of user issues across app, network and end-user domains. They understand that there is more to application performance than just the code.

I’ll leave you with some words from both Red Hat and MapMyFitness on how they use our full stack APM solution:

“AppNeta has allowed us to quickly pinpoint application performance issues, eliminating a lot of cross-team finger pointing.” - Scott Dodson, IT Architect, Red Hat, Inc.

“We have used AppNeta to resolve errors and identify slow third-party services, but our primary focus is now on performance optimization. AppNeta rocks at this by quickly highlighting what’s slow.” - Adam McManus, DevOps Manager, MapMyFitness, Inc

Here at AppNeta, we strongly believe that this full stack approach is the future of the APM industry. Any other approach doesn’t give you a truly unified view of what is affecting your application’s performance.

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