AppNeta DNS monitoring: A look at the latest platform enhancements
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We’ve quietly been releasing more features for DNS monitoring in AppNeta Performance Manager and it’s about time we talked about all of them in one place.

Survival of the fastest

DNS is built around the fastest responses, but AppNeta allows you to monitor every server and every response to ensure that a single quick response is not masking deeper issues with the DNS infrastructure. Our charting and reporting then provides comparison views so that you can compare servers, third-party providers and responses over time. These comparisons become particularly useful when you compare the DNS response over multiple locations when troubleshooting issues.

Use Case

In our own offices we benefited from this visibility when users in our Vancouver location were complaining of intermittent poor performance. It turned out that some machines (Windows-based) were randomly selecting from the pairs of DNS servers. One server was local, but the other was in Boston creating a ~80ms roundtrip for each request that selected that server instead of the local Vancouver one.

Per-interface DNS monitoring

AppNeta monitoring points are powerful machines that we’ve optimized to perform our unique monitoring capabilities for a wide range of environments. All of our Monitoring Points have the ability to configure monitoring over multiple interfaces (in fact, we can handle various physical interfaces, WiFi, and up to 64 virtual interfaces per physical port). Due to early customer feedback it was valuable to expand DNS monitoring to allow for independent configurations per interface.

Use Case

When DNS monitoring first rolled out a few very large enterprise customers needed something specific. They had services that were accessed by customers externally and the same service accessed by internal users. On the outside the service appears identical, but depending on whether or not the client is internal or external the capabilities were far different. This same functionality is useful in SD-WAN scenarios where interfaces are tied to specific circuits and allow AppNeta to see DNS resolutions from each link.

Critically important data at no extra cost

We’re also committed to keeping data for as long as it’s feasible. This typically translates to business timeframes of months, quarters, or years. DNS-specific monitoring is a free component for all customers that was rolled out in force over the course of the past year, with one-year data retention for this feature.

We’re always working hard to make sure we’re delivering the most robust performance monitoring possible to the organizations we partner with. Be sure to follow the blog to get regular updates on our product, our company and the state of enterprise IT in general.

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