AppNeta Consistently Ranks in the Top 3 for 2019 Gartner NPMD Critical Capabilities Report
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Hot on the heels of the 2019 Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) comes Gartner’s Critical Capabilities Report for NPMD, and more great news for AppNeta!

Not only did we advance to a Visionary placement in the MQ -- even as the field of qualified competitors narrowed to 16 vendors from 22 in 2018 -- but we consistently scored within the top 3 when compared to other NPMD platforms for our ability to deliver on 5 critical performance requirements. These capabilities include:

  • Endpoint/component/link monitoring
  • Service delivery monitoring
  • Diagnostics
  • AIOps
  • Integration and interoperability

Gartner chose to measure on these proficiencies based around the needs of the five stakeholder personas who most commonly interact with NPMD solutions: network operators, network architects, IT operations managers, IT operations generalists, and the line-of-business users. While the MQ is an essential asset to see how NPMD companies compete broadly in the market, the Critical Capabilities report is specific to the solutions which allows individuals to vet these platforms based upon their personal needs.

Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics NPMD Product scores for Network Operator use case in 2019 Gartner NPMD Critical Capabilities report.

The only comprehensive NPMD solution

We’re especially proud of our ranking in this report because it highlights the strides we’ve taken to make AppNeta Performance Manager the most comprehensive NPMD tool available. While other solutions may specialize in specific niches, our solution is widely valuable for stakeholders across the enterprise landscape. Rather than prioritize our capabilities to support just network architects or operations teams--as many of our competitors have--we designed our solution holistically, with end-user satisfaction at the core of everything we do.

Four-dimensional approach to NPMD

Any NPM solution worth its salt should be able to arm IT teams with the data they need to ensure the best end-user experience possible for business-critical apps employees need most, regardless of where users are located. In the modern enterprise, most knowledge workers are in the remote office where the majority of competing NPMD solutions are blind beyond the LAN gateway. This robs centralized IT of the local perspective they need to ensure the performance of business-critical apps beyond traditional network borders.

AppNeta Performance Manager analyzes four dimensions of network and app data to deliver a complete picture of the network, at scale and as-a-service. This includes collecting data related to network paths, flows, packets, and synthetic web/URL information to ensure all performance metrics are delivering insights that account for the complete end-to-end journey of all network traffic.

Our four-dimensional approach to NPMD allows IT teams to not only see traffic patterns hop-by-hop across the WAN, but behind firewalls and border gateways at remote offices to help IT gain that all-important, end-user perspective. And with the ability to scale from 10 to 10,000 locations and to monitor for all apps leveraging network capacity, AppNeta can remove any and all network “blindspots” IT may be struggling against.

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