Introducing the combined AppNeta, and AppView Web Global
by TR Jordan on

We’re excited to announce a big change for both PathView Cloud and TraceView. As of today, we’ve completed the project that started with our acquisition of Tracelytics.

TraceView Global Click on “Server trace”, and you’ll be taken right to the Trace Details page for that request.

See it from the user’s perspective

From TraceView, the reverse applies. Measuring the performance of real users gives great insight into how your application performs, but how do you know how representative that single user’s experience is? With synthetic transactions, you can build a baseline of real user workflows, running against your real production environment. These generated traces provide far more detail into exactly what went wrong, as well as providing reliable availability data.

TraceView Global 2 Clicking on the “AppView Web Data” button in the upper right will take you to the synthetic data for this URL.

Introducing AppView Web Global

To make all this possible, we’re launching an entirely new product: AppView Web Global. AppView Web has always been the core of our synthetic traffic generation, which runs Selenium scripts (read: real application workflows!) from the location of your choosing. Today, we’re making it even easier to monitor your applications from more than just your physical offices. AppView Web Global is a worldwide network of locations to ensure that your web applications are up and running, no matter where your customers are coming from. We’re launching today with 8 locations, and we’ll be expanding this rapidly in the coming months.

Want to see everything — application, network, and user performance — in one place?

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