AppNeta Adds Enhancements For Monitoring High-Scale Environments
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We’re excited to announce some recent updates to AppNeta Performance Manager, specifically the Delivery and Experience parts of our product. As always, get in touch with questions on any of these topics. You can also check out release notes and see upcoming maintenance windows online.

Application Delivery Status at a Glance

In our Delivery tool, we’ve redesigned the GeoMap dashboard to make it even easier to see your network status at a glance, whether you have 10 paths or thousands. You can now position Monitoring Points and targets by street-level address. When zoomed out, nearby locations aggregate—appearing as single icons—and their paths show as a single line. Put the GeoMap dashboard up on a screen in your NOC for a visual alert about poorly performing paths.

GeoMaps updated in AppNeta Performance Manager

Experience Monitoring Using the Internet's #1 Browser

In the Experience part of AppNeta Performance Manager, we’ve added Chrome support! End-user experience monitoring can now use the browser that the majority of the internet uses, giving you the most realistic monitoring available. This Chrome transition only affects Selenium scripts, not AppNeta synthetic scripts, which will continue to execute on their existing browser engine. Global Monitoring Points now support Chrome, and early in March your Enterprise Monitoring Points will be upgraded to Chrome during their next upgrade cycle, unless you choose a different time.  Until then, you can try your scripts on one of our Chrome early access Global Monitoring Points.

With Chrome, you can now prevent the browser from loading content from specific domains. For example, you can exclude trackers or analytics to avoid skewing marketing statistics or blacklist slow-loading content from third-party sites that do not impact the user’s experience. And you can also monitor apps that use multiple browser tabs.

AppNeta's Chrome support lets you blacklist domains

Quickly Locate Web Paths of Interest

Other updates to Experience include page improvements so you can quickly find web paths of interesteven if you have thousands of paths. Filter by attributes or filter out options, search by keywords and sort and group paths by Monitoring Point, target or web app group.

Try new and improved web paths in AppNeta Performance Manager

Monitoring Point Enhancements

Extended wireless support. In many modern offices, users rely on WiFi. Our monitoring points can become members of the WiFi network to accurately track end-user experience over the wireless network. You can now create a wireless interface using EAP authentication to access WiFi—both TLS and PEAP. In addition, you can join a non-visible access point. We also added a more detailed message explaining why a WPA interface failed to configure.

Real-time voice and video support for v35. This is great news for those of you running AppNeta in virtual environments: AppNeta’s virtual monitoring points (the v35 model available for VMware and KVM) now support real-time voice and video tests, up to 25 concurrent calls. This combines with continuous QoS monitoring for a really clear picture of your network's ability to deliver quality VoIP performance. (Note that you’ll need licenses for this add-on functionality.)

Advanced routing. You can now include multiple IP addresses per interface, so it’s easier to view multiple internet connections. This adds flexibility for networks connecting over both MPLS and the internet, for example, or that require multiple LAN connections.

In addition, we’ve tinkered with dual-ended network path monitoring to add a non-default interface option. This is necessary in certain cases where NAT is running and the return diagnostics need more information to complete the return path.

AppNeta Performance Manager Private Cloud Updates

Finally, here are a few notes on updates to our private cloud version of AppNeta Performance Manager. The latest version includes alerting and configuration improvements in the Experience functionality, with the comparison view now able to show 20 paths. Page load performance has gotten faster, and charts in Delivery are now much more detailed. There’s a redesigned GeoMap dashboard and embeddable UI now as well.

We release updates for private cloud three to four times per year. The next release will be sometime in Q2 of this year. If you’d like to upgrade your private cloud deployment, open a support ticket to schedule a maintenance window.

Till next time, enjoy the new features!

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