An Application Performance Breakthrough – See Across Your Sites, Apps and End Users!
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With highly distributed network and the expansive transition to cloud services, network and application performance monitoring is becoming more and more challenging. With the increase in IP-based applications like VoIP, Video Conferencing, hosted CRMs, VDI and cloud services offering simpler and easier ways to communicate and operate within an organization. Each application comes with unique performance requirements and settings needed to achieve optimal performance and exceptional delivery to end users. Unfortunately, this usually means an application’s poor level of performance goes unnoticed until something fails or breaks. PathView Cloud is the first solution to offer cloud-based application performance monitoring in a real-time, easy-to-understand dashboard of all applications across all locations and users. The dashboard provides IT and non-IT teams alike an immediate and complete view of their application performance from the perspective of remote sites and users.

Application Performance Monitoring Example

“For the first time, you can look at one single dashboard and see how all of your applications are performing at all of your remote locations,” said AppNeta CTO Matt Stevens. “This dashboard provides invaluable information to not only the IT team responsible for making the network applications work 24/7, but also the business users they are supporting.”

This first of its kind dashboard highlights SLA compliance, overall application performance as well as specific performance impairments within a selected timeframe. Key performance metrics are compared against pre-identified thresholds needed for optimal application functionality.

The Application Performance Dashboard automatically correlates performance across multiple locations, multiple paths and remote site end users. By mapping real-time, complex network performance metrics into application quality trending, customers can understand how their key business services will perform prior to and after deployment. If any service or location is experiencing sub-standard performance, the Application Performance Dashboard provides the critical details business users need to assure performance and reduce risk of application failure.

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